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Recent publications from the SIPS community – August 23, 2018

Comparative analysis of whole flower transcriptomes in the Zingiberales

Almeida, A.M.R., Piñeyro-Nelson, A., Yockteng, R.B., and Specht, C.D. 2018. PeerJ 6:e5490.

A late Cretaceous fagalean inflorescence preserved in amber from New Jersey.

Gandolfo, M.A., Nixon, K.C., Crepet, W.L., and Grimaldi, D.A. 2018.  American Journal of Botany 105:1424-1435.

A new species of Carlquistoxylon from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia (Chubut province, Argentina): the oldest record of angiosperm wood from South America.

Nunes, C.I., Pujana, R.R., Escapa, I.H., Gandolfo, M.A., and Cúneo, N.R. 2018.  IAWA Journal.

The Persistent Homology Mathematical Framework Provides Enhanced Genotype-to-Phenotype Associations for Plant Morphology.

Li, M., Frank, M.H., Coneva, V., Mio, W., Chitwood, D.H., and Topp, C.N. 2018. Plant Physiology 177:1382-1395.

Past, present & future of information technology in pedometrics.

Rossiter, D.G. 2018. Geoderma 324:131-137.

Pedometric Valuation of the Soil Resource.

Rossiter, D.G., Hewitt, A.E., and Dominati, E.J. 2018.  Pages 521-546 in: Pedometrics, A.B. McBratney, B. Minasny, and U. Stockmann, eds. Springer International Publishing, Cham.

First Report of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae Associated with Bacterial Blossom Blast on Apple (Malus pumila) in the United States.

Gašić, K., Pavlović, Ž., Santander, R.D., Meredith, C., and Aćimović, S.G. 2018. Plant Disease 102:1848-1848.

The Microbial Landscape of Sea Stars and the Anatomical and Interspecies Variability of Their Microbiome.

Jackson, E.W., Pepe-Ranney, C., Debenport, S.J., Buckley, D.H., and Hewson, I. 2018.  Frontiers in Microbiology 9.

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