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Recent publications from the SIPS community – August 2, 2018

Building the monocot tree of death: Progress and challenges emerging from the macrofossil-rich Zingiberales.

Smith, S.Y., Iles, W.J.D., Benedict, J.C., and Specht, C.D.  American Journal of Botany 0.

Segmental allopolyploidy in action: Increasing diversity through polyploid hybridization and homoeologous recombination.

Leal-Bertioli, S.C.M., Godoy, I.J., Santos, J.F., Doyle, J.J., Guimarães, P.M., Abernathy, B.L., Jackson, S.A., Moretzsohn, M.C., and Bertioli, D.J. 2018.  American Journal of Botany 105:1053-1066.

Effects of nitrogen fertilization in shrub willow short rotation coppice production – a quantitative review.

Fabio, E.S., and Smart, L.B. 2018.  GCB Bioenergy 10:548-564.

Large-scale replicated field study of maize rhizosphere identifies heritable microbes.

Walters, W.A., Jin, Z., Youngblut, N., Wallace, J.G., Sutter, J., Zhang, W., González-Peña, A., Peiffer, J., Koren, O., Shi, Q., Knight, R., Glavina del Rio, T., Tringe, S.G., Buckler, E.S., Dangl, J.L., and Ley, R.E. 2018. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Targeted disruption of aphid transmission: a vision for the management of crop diseases caused by Luteoviridae members.

Heck, M., and Brault, V. 2018.  Current Opinion in Virology 33:24-32.

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