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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 26, 2018

Plasmodesmata in phloem: different gateways for different cargoes.

Lee, J.-Y., and Frank, M. 2018. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 43:119-124.

A worldwide phylogeny of Adiantum (Pteridaceae) reveals remarkable convergent evolution in leaf blade architecture.

Huiet, L., Li, F.-W., Kao, T.-T., Prado, J., Smith, A.R., Schuettpelz, E., and Pryer, K.M. 2018. Taxon 67:488-502.

Hydrology of the Brooklyn Grange, an urban rooftop farm.

Harada, Y., Whitlow, T.H., Todd Walter, M., Bassuk, N.L., Russell-Anelli, J., and Schindelbeck, R.R. 2018. Urban Ecosystems 21:673-689.

Dynamic tools unify fragmented 4Rs into an integrative nitrogen management approach.

Sela, S., and van Es, H.M. 2018. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 73:107A-112A.

Improving water quality in the Chesapeake Bay using payments for ecosystem services for perennial biomass for bioenergy and biofuel production.

Woodbury, P.B., Kemanian, A.R., Jacobson, M., and Langholtz, M. 2018. Biomass and Bioenergy 114:132-142.

Agriculture Can Mitigate Climate Change at Low Cost to Help Meet Paris Climate Agreement Goals.

Woodbury, P.B. 2018. BioScience 68:485-486.

Nanobiotechnology for the Environment: Innovative Solutions for the Management of Harmful Algal Blooms.

Gellert, M.R., Kim, B.J., Reffsin, S.E., Jusuf, S.E., Wagner, N.D., Winans, S.C., and Wu, M. 2018.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66:6474-6479.

Engineering altered protein–DNA recognition specificity.

Bogdanove, A.J., Bohm, A., Miller, J.C., Morgan, R.D., and Stoddard, B.L. 2018. Nucleic Acids Research 46:4845-4871.

Microbial Group Dynamics in Plant Rhizospheres and Their Implications on Nutrient Cycling.

Garcia, J., and Kao-Kniffin, J. 2018. Frontiers in Microbiology 9.

Flagella and Pili of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines are associated with motility, biofilm formation and virulence on soybean.

Dusit, A., Siraprapa, B., Burr T. J., and Sutruedee, P. 2018. Journal of Phytopathology 166:590-600.

Databasing and georeferencing historical collections to discover potential sites for rare and endangered plants of New York, U.S.A.

Kelloff, Carol L., Kass, L. B. 2018. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. Vol. 12:323 -368

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