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Recent publications from the SIPS community – May 17, 2018

Heterogeneity and Robustness in Plant Morphogenesis: From Cells to Organs.

Hong, L., Dumond, M., Zhu, M., Tsugawa, S., Li, C.-B., Boudaoud, A., Hamant, O., and Roeder, A.H.K. 2018.  Annual Review of Plant Biology 69:469-495.

Dynamic model-based N management reduces surplus nitrogen and improves the environmental performance of corn production.

Sela, S., Woodbury, P.B., and van Es, H.M. 2018.  Environ Res Lett 13.

Silencing of copine genes confers common wheat enhanced resistance to powdery mildew.

Baohong, Z., Yuan, D., He, L., and Hua, J. 2018. Molecular Plant Pathology 19:1343-1352.

Overlapping and differential roles of plasma membrane calcium ATPases in Arabidopsis growth and environmental responses.

Yu, H., Yan, J., Du, X., and Hua, J. 2018. Journal of experimental botany 69:2693-2703.

Increased experimental conditions and marker densities identified more genetic loci associated with southern and northern leaf blight resistance in maize.

Li, Y.-x., Chen, L., Li, C., Bradbury, P.J., Shi, Y.-s., Song, Y., Zhang, D., Zhang, Z., Buckler, E.S., Li, Y., and Wang, T. 2018.  Scientific Reports 8:6848.

Genomic regions responsible for seminal and crown root lengths identified by 2D & 3D root system image analysis.

Uga, Y., Assaranurak, I., Kitomi, Y., Larson, B.G., Craft, E.J., Shaff, J.E., McCouch, S.R., and Kochian, L.V. 2018. BMC Genomics 19:273.

Apple Disease Control and Bloom-Thinning Effects by Lime Sulfur, Regalia, and JMS Stylet-Oil.

C. N. DeLong, K. S. Yoder, A. E. Cochran II, S. W. Kilmer, W. S. Royston, Jr., L. D. Combs, and G. M. Peck. 2018. Plant Health Progress.

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