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Scanlon wins L. Stadler Mid-Career Maize Genetics Award

-Magdalen Lindeberg

Mike Scanlon, professor in the SIPS Plant Biology Section, has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 L. Stadler Mid-Career Maize Genetics Award from the Maize Genetics Executive Committee. The award recognizes Scanlon’s contributions to our understanding of meristem organization and function including: investigation of narrow sheath genes, analysis of the meristem transcriptome, and indentification of quantitative genetic variation for meristem morphology.  Scanlon received the award during the 60th Annual Maize Genetics Conference held March 22-25 in Saint Malo, France.

Scanlon received his Ph.D in Genetics from Iowa State University and was an NSF postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley from 1993-1997. He started his laboratory in the Plant Biology Department at the University of Georgia in 1997, moving to Cornell in 2005. In addition to his work on maize, Scanlon’s research program focuses on plant development in Arabidopsis, tomato, Selaginella, and the moss Physcomitrella.

Scanlon has a long record of teaching and outreach. Courses currently taught include PLSCI 4950: Senior Seminar in Plant Sciences, with Chris Smart, PLBIO 4220: Comparative Plant Development: Evo-Devo, with Adrienne Roeder, and PLBIO 2490: Hollywood Biology: Science in Cinema.

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