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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 29, 2018

Angiosperm leaves and cuticles from the uppermost Cretaceous of Patagonia, biogeographic implications and atmospheric paleo-CO2 estimates.

Martínez, C., Gandolfo, M.A., and Cúneo, N.R. 2018.  Cretaceous Research.

Overview of Solar-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2: Retrieval, cross-mission comparison, and global monitoring for GPP.

Sun, Y., Frankenberg, C., Jung, M., Joiner, J., Guanter, L., Köhler, P., and Magney, T. 2018.  Remote Sensing of Environment 209:808-823.

FLOWERING LOCUS T mRNA is synthesized in specialized companion cells in Arabidopsis and Maryland Mammoth tobacco leaf veins

Chen, Q., Payyavula, R.S., Chen, L., Zhang, J., Zhang, C., and Turgeon, R. 2018. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Large sub-clonal variation in Phytophthora infestans from recent severe late blight epidemics in India

Dey, T., Saville, A., Myers, K., Tewari, S., Cooke, D.E.L., Tripathy, S., Fry, W.E., Ristaino, J.B., and Guha Roy, S. 2018. Scientific Reports 8:4429

On the relationship between sub-daily instantaneous and daily total gross primary production: Implications for interpreting satellite-based SIF retrievals

Zhang, Y., Xiao, X., Zhang, Y., Wolf, S., Zhou, S., Joiner, J., Guanter, L., Verma, M., Sun, Y., Yang, X., Paul-Limoges, E., Gough, C.M., Wohlfahrt, G., Gioli, B., van der Tol, C., Yann, N., Lund, M., and de Grandcourt, A. 2018. . Remote Sensing of Environment 205:276-289.

Paecilomyces Rot: A New Apple Disease

Biango-Daniels, M.N., and Hodge, K.T. 2018. Plant Disease.

Genetic Variance Partitioning and Genome-Wide Prediction with Allele Dosage Information in Autotetraploid Potato

Endelman, J.B., Schmitz Carley, C.A., Bethke, P.C., Coombs, J.J., Clough, M.E., da Silva, W.L., De Jong, W.S., Douches, D.S., Frederick, C.M., Haynes, K.G., Holm, D.G., Miller, J.C., Muñoz, P.R., Navarro, F.M., Novy, R.G., Palta, J.P., Porter, G.A., Rak, K.T., Sathuvalli, V.R., Thompson, A.L., and Yencho, G.C. 2018. Genetics.

Beyond defense: Multiple functions of benzoxazinoids in maize metabolism.

Zhou, S., Richter, A., and Jander, G. 2018. Plant and Cell Physiology:pcy064-pcy064.

Natural variation underlies differences in ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR 17 activity in fruit peel degreening.

Han, Z., Hu, Y., Lv, Y., Rose, J.K.C., Sun, Y., Shen, F., Wang, Y., Zhang, X., Xu, X., Wu, T., and Han, Z. 2018.  Plant Physiology.

An Evaluation of two H1-Linked Markers and their Suitability for Selecting Globodera rostochiensis Resistant Potatoes in the New York Breeding Program

Park, J., Yang, H., S. De Jong, W., and Wang, X. 2018. American Journal of Potato Research 95:170-177

The Nitrogen Balancing Act: Tracking the Environmental Performance of Food Production

McLellan, E.L., Cassman, K.G., Eagle, A.J., Woodbury, P.B., Sela, S., Tonitto, C., Marjerison, R.D., and van Es, H.M. 2018. BioScience 68:194-203.

RiArsB and RiMT-11: Two novel genes induced by arsenate in arbuscular mycorrhiza

Maldonado-Mendoza, I.E., and Harrison, M.J. 2018. Fungal Biology 122:121-130.

Disentangling the role of floral sensory stimuli in pollination networks

Kantsa, A., Raguso, R.A., Dyer, A.G., Olesen, J.M., Tscheulin, T., and Petanidou, T. 2018. Nature communications 9:1041.

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