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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 22, 2018

Arsenic uptake by arugula (Eruca vesicaria, L.) cultivars as affected by phosphate availability

Tang, X., Lim, M.P., and McBride, M.B. 2018. Chemosphere 195:559-566.

Poplar and shrub willow energy crops in the United States: field trial results from the multiyear regional feedstock partnership and yield potential maps based on the PRISM-ELM model

Volk, T.A., Berguson, B., Daly, C., Halbleib, M.D., Miller, R., Rials, T.G., Abrahamson, L.P., Buchman, D., Buford, M., Cunningham, M.W., Eisenbies, M., Fabio, E.S., Hallen, K., Heavey, J., Johnson, G.A., Kuzovkina, Y.A., Liu, B., McMahon, B., Rousseau, R., Shi, S., Shuren, R., Smart, L.B., Stanosz, G., Stanton, B., Stokes, B., and Wright, J. GCB Bioenergy:n/a-n/a.

Durum Wheat Landraces from East and West Regions of the Mediterranean Basin Are Genetically Distinct for Yield Components and Phenology

Soriano, J.M., Villegas, D., Sorrells, M.E., and Royo, C. 2018. Frontiers in Plant Science 9.

Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture: opportunities and challenges emerging from the science and information technology revolution

Halewood, M., Chiurugwi, T., Sackville Hamilton, R., Kurtz, B., Marden, E., Welch, E., Michiels, F., Mozafari, J., Sabran, M., Patron, N., Kersey, P., Bastow, R., Dorius, S., Dias, S., McCouch, S., and Powell, W. 2018. New Phytologist 217:1407-1419.

The yield difference between wild-type cotton and transgenic cotton that expresses IPT depends on when water-deficit stress is applied

Zhu, X., Sun, L., Kuppu, S., Hu, R., Mishra, N., Smith, J., Esmaeili, N., Herath, M., Gore, M.A., Payton, P., Shen, G., and Zhang, H. 2018. Scientific Reports 8:2538.

Quality as a Driver of Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains: The Case of the Relationship Coffee Model

Hernandez-Aguilera, J.N., Gómez, M.I., Rodewald, A.D., Rueda, X., Anunu, C., Bennett, R., and van Es, H.M. 2018. Business Strategy and the Environment 27:179-198.

Editorial special issue: the soil, the seed, the microbes and the plant

Nelson, E.B., Simoneau, P., Barret, M., Mitter, B., and Compant, S. 2018. Plant and Soil 422:1-5.

Soil geochemical factors regulate Cd accumulation by metal hyperaccumulating Noccaea caerulescens (J. Presl & C. Presl) F.K. Mey in field-contaminated soils

Rosenfeld, C.E., Chaney, R.L., and Martínez, C.E. 2018. Science of The Total Environment 616-617:279-287.

Phosphorus limitation of aboveground production in northern hardwood forests

Goswami, S., Fisk, M.C., Vadeboncoeur, M.A., Garrison-Johnston, M., Yanai, R.D., and Fahey, T.J. 2018. Ecology 99:438-449.

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