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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 16, 2018

The Nitrogen Balancing Act: Tracking the Environmental Performance of Food Production.

McLellan, E.L., Cassman, K.G., Eagle, A.J., Woodbury, P.B., Sela, S., Tonitto, C., Marjerison, R.D., and van Es, H.M. 2018. BioScience:bix164-bix164.

Whole-genome prediction of reaction norms to environmental stress in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by genomic random regression.

Ly, D., Huet, S., Gauffreteau, A., Rincent, R., Touzy, G., Mini, A., Jannink, J.-L., Cormier, F., Paux, E., Lafarge, S., Le Gouis, J., and Charmet, G. 2018. Field Crops Research 216:32-41.

A high proportion of NX-2 genotype strains are found among Fusarium graminearum isolates from northeastern New York State.

Lofgren, L., Riddle, J., Dong, Y., Kuhnem, P.R., Cummings, J.A., Del Ponte, E.M., Bergstrom, G.C., and Kistler, H.C. 2018. European Journal of Plant Pathology 150:791-796.

Semiautomated confocal imaging of fungal pathogenesis on plants: Microscopic analysis of macroscopic specimens.

Minker, K.R., Biedrzycki, M.L., Kolagunda, A., Rhein, S., Perina, F.J., Jacobs, S.S., Moore, M., Jamann, T.M., Yang, Q., Nelson, R., Balint-Kurti, P., Kambhamettu, C., Wisser, R.J., and Caplan, J.L. 2018. Microscopy Research and Technique 81:141-152.

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