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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 8, 2018

Identification of tomato introgression lines with enhanced susceptibility or resistance to infection by parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa).

Krause, K., Johnsen, H.R., Pielach, A., Lund, L., Fischer, K., and Rose, J.K.C. 2018.  Physiologia Plantarum 162:205-218.

Biological and cultural diversity in the context of botanic garden conservation strategies.

Dunn, C.P. 2017.  Plant Diversity 39:396-401.

Disentangling the Effects of Tillage Timing and Weather on Weed Community Assembly.

Cordeau, S., Smith, R., Gallandt, E., Brown, B., Salon, P., DiTommaso, A., and Ryan, M. 2017. Agriculture 7:66.

Performance of three Pyrus pear rootstocks in Northeastern North America.

Lordan Sanahuja, J., Blatt, S., Francescatto, P., Embree, C., and L. Robinson, T. 2017.  Journal- American Pomological Society 71:250-256

The Impacts of Tumorigenic and Nontumorigenic Agrobacterium vitis Strains on Graft Strength and Growth of Grapevines

Hao, L., Kemmenoe, D.J., Orel, D.C., and Burr, T. 2017. Plant Disease 102:375-381.

A role for 9-lipoxygenases in maize defense against insect herbivory.

Woldemariam, M.G., Ahern, K., Jander, G., and Tzin, V. 2018. Plant Signaling & Behavior 13:e1422462.

AtPDS overexpression in tomato: exposing unique patterns of carotenoid self-regulation and an alternative strategy for the enhancement of fruit carotenoid content

McQuinn, R.P., Wong, B., and Giovannoni, J.J. 2018. Biotechnology Journal 16:482-494.

Unravelling the Genetic Diversity among Cassava Bemisia tabaci Whiteflies Using NextRAD Sequencing.

Wosula, E.N., Chen, W., Fei, Z., and Legg, J.P. 2017. Genome Biology and Evolution 9:2958-2973.

First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus Infecting Tomato in New York

Sui, X., McGrath, M.T., Zhang, S., Wu, Z., and Ling, K.S. 2017. Plant Disease 102:460-460.

Effects of land use on catchment runoff and soil loss in the sub-humid Ethiopian highlands.

Dagnew, D.C., Guzman, C.D., Akale, A.T., Tebebu, T.Y., Zegeye, A.D., Mekuria, W., Tilahun, S.A., and Steenhuis, T.S. 2017. Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 17:274-282.

Deciphering Genetic Factors that Determine Melon Fruit-Quality Traits Using RNA-Seq-Based High-Resolution QTL and eQTL Mapping.

Galpaz, N., Gonda, I., Shem-Tov, D., Barad, O., Tzuri, G., Lev, S., Fei, Z., Xu, Y., Lombardi, N., Mao, L., Jiao, C., Harel-Beja, R., Doron-Faigenboim, A., Tzfadia, O., Bar, E., Meir, A., Sa’ar, U., Fait, A., Halperin, E., Kenigswald, M., Fallik, E., Kol, G., Ronen, G., Burger, Y., Gur, A., Tadmor, Y.a., Portnoy, V., Schaffer, A.A., Lewinsohn, E., Giovannoni, J.J., and Katzir, N. The Plant Journal:n/a-n/a.

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