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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 16, 2017

daTALbase: a database for genomic and transcriptomic data related to TAL effectors.

Pérez-Quintero, A.L., Lamy, L., Zarate, C.A., Cunnac, S., Doyle, E.L., Bogdanove, A.J., Szurek, B., and Derepeer, A. 2017.  Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.

Cluster: a new application for spatial analysis of pixelated data for epidemiology.

Nelson, S. C., Corcoja, I., and Pethybridge, S. J. 2017.  Phytopathology 107:1556-1566.

A protein with an unusually short PPR domain, MEF8, affects editing at over 60 Arabidopsis mitochondrial C targets of RNA editing.

Diaz, M.F., Bentolila, S., Hayes, M.L., Hanson, M.R., and Mulligan, R.M. 2017. The Plant Journal 92:638-649.

Hands-on Horticulture: A Course for Building Enrollments in Plant Science Courses.

Pritts, M.P. 2017. HortTechnology 27:704-709.

Horticultural performance and elemental nutrient concentrations on ‘Fuji’ grafted on apple rootstocks under New York State climatic conditions.

Reig, G., Lordan, J., Fazio, G., Grusak, M.A., Hoying, S., Cheng, L., Francescatto, P., and Robinson, T. 2018.  Scientia Horticulturae 227:22-37.

Effect of scion and graft type on transpiration, hydraulic resistance and xylem hormone profile of apples grafted on Geneva®41 and M.9-NIC™29 rootstocks.

Adams, S., Lordan, J., Fazio, G., Bugbee, B., Francescatto, P., Robinson, T.L., and Black, B. 2018. Scientia Horticulturae 227:213-222.

A century of guayule: Comprehensive genetic characterization of the US national guayule (Parthenium argentatum A. Gray) germplasm collection.

Ilut, D.C., Sanchez, P.L., Coffelt, T.A., Dyer, J.M., Jenks, M.A., and Gore, M.A. 2017.  Industrial Crops and Products 109:300-309.

Natural climate solutions.

Griscom, B.W., Adams, J., Ellis, P.W., Houghton, R.A., Lomax, G., Miteva, D.A., Schlesinger, W.H., Shoch, D., Siikamäki, J.V., Smith, P., Woodbury, P., Zganjar, C., Blackman, A., Campari, J., Conant, R.T., Delgado, C., Elias, P., Gopalakrishna, T., Hamsik, M.R., Herrero, M., Kiesecker, J., Landis, E., Laestadius, L., Leavitt, S.M., Minnemeyer, S., Polasky, S., Potapov, P., Putz, F.E., Sanderman, J., Silvius, M., Wollenberg, E., and Fargione, J. 2017. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114:11645-11650.

Unravelling the Genetic Diversity among Cassava Bemisia tabaci Whiteflies Using NextRAD Sequencing.

Wosula, E.N., Chen, W., Fei, Z., and Legg, J.P. 2017. Genome Biology and Evolution 9:2958-2973.

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