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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 19, 2017

Development of Single-Copy Nuclear Intron Markers for Species-Level Phylogenetics: Case Study with Paullinieae (Sapindaceae).

Chery, J.G., Sass, C., and Specht, C.D. 2017. Applications in Plant Sciences 5:1700051.

A global analysis of plant recovery performance from water stress.

Yin, J., and Bauerle, T.L. 2017. Oikos 126:1377-1388.

Incomplete dominance of deleterious alleles contributes substantially to trait variation and heterosis in maize.

Yang, J., Mezmouk, S., Baumgarten, A., Buckler, E.S., Guill, K.E., McMullen, M.D., Mumm, R.H., and Ross-Ibarra, J. 2017. PLOS Genetics 13:e1007019.

Complexity in the spatial utilization of rangelands: Pastoral mobility in the Horn of Africa.

Liao, C., Clark, P.E., DeGloria, S.D., and Barrett, C.B. 2017. Applied Geography 86:208-219.

Rapid defense responses in maize leaves induced by Spodoptera exigua caterpillar feeding.

Tzin, V., Hojo, Y., Strickler, S.R., Bartsch, L.J., Archer, C.M., Ahern, K.R., Zhou, S., Christensen, S.A., Galis, I., Mueller, L.A., Jander, G., and Hancock, R. 2017. Journal of Experimental Botany 68:4709-4723.

The hydraulic architecture of Ginkgo leaves.

Carvalho, M.R., Turgeon, R., Owens, T., and Niklas, K.J. 2017.  American Journal of Botany.

Mapping and Cloning of Chemical Induced Mutations by Whole-Genome Sequencing of Bulked Segregants.

Hua, J., Wang, S., and Sun, Q. 2017. Pages 285-289 in: Plant Pattern Recognition Receptors: Methods and Protocols, L. Shan and P. He, eds. Springer New York, New York, NY.

OCO-2 advances photosynthesis observation from space via solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence.

Sun, Y., Frankenberg, C., Wood, J.D., Schimel, D.S., Jung, M., Guanter, L., Drewry, D.T., Verma, M., Porcar-Castell, A., Griffis, T.J., Gu, L., Magney, T.S., Köhler, P., Evans, B., and Yuen, K. 2017. Science 358.

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 early science investigations of regional carbon dioxide fluxes.

Eldering, A., Wennberg, P.O., Crisp, D., Schimel, D.S., Gunson, M.R., Chatterjee, A., Liu, J., Schwandner, F.M., Sun, Y., O’Dell, C.W., Frankenberg, C., Taylor, T., Fisher, B., Osterman, G.B., Wunch, D., Hakkarainen, J., Tamminen, J., and Weir, B. 2017. Science 358.

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