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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 12, 2017

Climate Dynamics, Invader Fitness, and Ecosystem Resistance in an Invasion-Factor Framework.

Young, S.L., Clements, D.R., and DiTommaso, A. 2017. Invasive Plant Science and Management 10:215-231.

Relative susceptibility of Musa genotypes to banana bunchy top disease in Cameroon and implication for disease management.

Ngatat, S., Hanna, R., Kumar, P.L., Gray, S.M., Cilia, M., Ghogomu, R.T., and Fontem, D.A. 2017. Crop Protection 101:116-122.

Alternative Fertility Management for Establishing New Apple Orchards in the Mid-Atlantic.

Thompson, A.A., and Peck, G.M. 2017. HortScience 52:1313-1319.

Towards an understanding of the molecular basis of effective RNAi against a global insect pest, the whitefly Bemisia tabaci.

Luo, Y., Chen, Q., Luan, J., Chung, S.H., Van Eck, J., Turgeon, R., and Douglas, A.E. 2017. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 88:21-29.

Phloem Loading through Plasmodesmata: A Biophysical Analysis.

Comtet, J., Turgeon, R., and Stroock, A.D. 2017. Plant Physiology 175:904-915.

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