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Recent publications from the SIPS community – August 10, 2017

The Tomato Expression Atlas

Fernandez-Pozo, N., Zheng, Y., Snyder, S.I., Nicolas, P., Shinozaki, Y., Fei, Z., Catala, C., Giovannoni, J.J., Rose, J.K.C., and Mueller, L.A. 2017.  Bioinformatics 33:2397-2398.

Crop Breeding Chips and Genotyping Platforms: Progress, Challenges, and Perspectives.

Rasheed, A., Hao, Y., Xia, X., Khan, A., Xu, Y., Varshney, R.K., and He, Z. Molecular plant 10:1047-1064.

Hybrid assembly with long and short reads improves discovery of gene family expansions

Miller, J.R., Zhou, P., Mudge, J., Gurtowski, J., Lee, H., Ramaraj, T., Walenz, B.P., Liu, J., Stupar, R.M., Denny, R., Song, L., Singh, N., Maron, L.G., McCouch, S.R., McCombie, W.R., Schatz, M.C., Tiffin, P., Young, N.D., and Silverstein, K.A.T. 2017. BMC Genomics 18:541.

Unintended consequences of 21st century technology for agricultural pest management.

S. L. Young. 2017. EMBO reports (correspondence) DOI 10.15252/embr.201744660

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