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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 13, 2017

Cuticle Biosynthesis is Developmentally Regulated by Abscisic Acid.

Martin, L.B.B., Romero, P., Fich, E.A., Domozych, D., and Rose, J.K.C. 2017.  Plant Physiology.

The ECF sigma factor, PSPTO_1043, in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 is induced by oxidative stress and regulates genes involved in oxidative stress response.

Butcher, B.G., Bao, Z., Wilson, J., Stodghill, P., Swingle, B., Filiatrault, M., Schneider, D., and Cartinhour, S. 2017.  PLOS ONE 12:e0180340.

Cover Crop-Based, Organic Rotational No-Till Corn and Soybean Production Systems in the Mid-Atlantic United States.

Wallace, J., Williams, A., Liebert, J., Ackroyd, V., Vann, R., Curran, W., Keene, C., VanGessel, M., Ryan, M., and Mirsky, S. 2017.  Agriculture 7:34.

Early Fall Planting Increases Growth and Nitrogen Uptake of Winter Cereals.

Lyons, S.E., Ketterings, Q.M., Godwin, G., Cherney, J.H., Czymmek, K.J., and Kilcer, T. 2017.  Agronomy Journal 109:795-801.

ATX3, ATX4, and ATX5 Encode Putative H3K4 Methyltransferases and Are Critical for Plant Development.

Chen, L.-Q., Luo, J.-H., Cui, Z.-H., Xue, M., Wang, L., Zhang, X.-Y., Pawlowski, W.P., and He, Y. 2017.  Plant Physiology 174:1795-1806.

Host-secreted antimicrobial peptide enforces symbiotic selectivity in Medicago truncatula.

Wang, Q., Yang, S., Liu, J., Terecskei, K., Ábrahám, E., Gombár, A., Domonkos, Á., Szűcs, A., Körmöczi, P., Wang, T., Fodor, L., Mao, L., Fei, Z., Kondorosi, É., Kaló, P., Kereszt, A., and Zhu, H. 2017. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114:6854-6859.

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