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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 6, 2017

Impact of cover cropping and landscape positions on nitrous oxide emissions in northeastern US agroecosystems.

Han, Z., Walter, M.T., and Drinkwater, L.E. 2017.  Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 245:124-134.

Candidatus Moeniiplasma glomeromycotorum’, an endobacterium of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

Naito, M., Desirò, A., González, J.B., Tao, G., Morton, J.B., Bonfante, P., and Pawlowska, T.E. 2017.  International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67:1177-1184.

Genomic and pedigree-based prediction for leaf, stem, and stripe rust resistance in wheat.

Juliana, P., Singh, R.P., Singh, P.K., Crossa, J., Huerta-Espino, J., Lan, C., Bhavani, S., Rutkoski, J.E., Poland, J.A., Bergstrom, G.C., and Sorrells, M.E. 2017.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130:1415-1430.

Emissions intensity and carbon stocks of a tropical Ultisol after amendment with Tithonia green manure, urea and biochar.

Fungo, B., Lehmann, J., Kalbitz, K., Tenywa, M., Thionģo, M., and Neufeldt, H. 2017.  Field Crops Research 209:179-188.

George M. Darrow: The Dean of Small Fruits.

Pritts, M.P., and Pritts, A.A. 2017.  J Am Pomol Soc 71:59-61.

The buffering capacity of stems: genetic architecture of nonstructural carbohydrates in cultivated Asian rice, Oryza sativa.

Wang, D.R., Han, R., Wolfrum, E.J., and McCouch, S.R. 2017.  New Phytologist 215:658-671.

The Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Apple Graft Union Flexural Strength and Flexibility.

Adams, S., Black, B.L., Fazio, G., and Roberts, N.A. 2017.  J Am Pomol Soc 71:8-18.

A special issue on Fusarium head blight and wheat blast.

Del Ponte, E.M., Valent, B., and Bergstrom, G.C. 2017.  Tropical Plant Pathology 42:143-145.

The effect of increasing numbers of repeats on TAL effector DNA binding specificity.

Rinaldi, F.C., Doyle, L.A., Stoddard, B.L., and Bogdanove, A.J. 2017.  Nucleic Acids Research 45:6960-6970.

From Goethe’s plant archetype via Haeckel’s biogenetic law to plant evo-devo 2016.

Niklas, K.J., and Kutschera, U. 2017. Theory in Biosciences 136:49-57.

Cover Image

Young, S.L. 2017. Volume 73, Issue 8. Pest Management Science 73:i-i.


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