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Five SIPS faculty promoted

-Magdalen Lindeberg

Promotion to Associate professor with tenure

Jenny Kao-Kniffin, Section of Horticulture

The Kao-Kniffin program is focused on the impact of soil microorganisms on plant growth, physiology, and fitness. Concepts and techniques in microbial ecology are used to uncover the relationships between soil microbial communities and plant traits. Kao-Kniffin lab site

Adrienne Roeder, Section of Plant Biology and Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology

Roeder’s research program is focused on the roles that cell growth and division play in the diversity of cell size in the Arabidopsis sepal. Imaging and computer modeling are among the many tools used in these analyses. Roeder has been a Nancy M. & Samuel C. Fleming Term Assistant Professor. Roeder lab site

Michael Mazourek, Section of Horticulture and Section of Plant Breeding and Genetics

Mazourek’s research program is focused on breeding vegetables including pepper, squash, and cucumber, for production in the Northeastern US, and improving vegetable quality and nutrition for consumers. Much of this selection is conducted in organic systems.

Mazourek is further congratulated for his reappointment to the Calvin Noyes Keeney Professorship in Plant Breeding for a five year term effective July 1, 2017. The appointment comes with $10,000 in annual discretionary support for his research program.

Mike Gore, Section of Plant Breeding and Genetics (awarded tenure following customary waiting period for senior faculty hires)

Gore’s research program uses quantitative genetics, genomics, analytical chemistry, and remote sensing to characterize the genetic basis of complex trait variation in various crops, including maize, oat, cassava, cotton, sorghum, industrial rapeseed, and guayule. Gore lab site

Additional congratulations are extended to Gore upon his appointment as a Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, effective July 1. The appointment continues for the duration of his appointment at Cornell and is accompanied by $3,000 in annual discretionary support.

Promotion to full professor

Thomas Björkman, Section of Horticulture

Björkman’s research investigates environmental effects on plant growth and development, with a particular focus on temperature regulation of flowering in broccoli. Björkman also investigates the management benefits of cover crops for vegetable production. Björkman lab site

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