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SIPS faculty, staff, and students inspire young female scientists during “Expanding your Horizons”

-Magdalen Lindeberg

Cornell faculty and graduate students welcomed girls in grades 7-9 to campus April 15 to learn about STEM and discover role models in the fields of science and mathduring The Cornell Expanding Your Horizons conference.

Participating SIPS research groups included horticulture graduate students in the Bauerle Lab — Annika Huber, Juana Muñoz Ucros, and Marie Zwetsloot — who led workshop sessions on “Engineers of Nature: How do plants drink?”

Annika Huber works with middle school participants to observe dye transport in sunflower leaf veins (photo: Craig Cramer)

Alyssa Blanchez, Martha Sudermann, Zoe Dubrow, and Mary McKellar from the Section of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology led the “Somebody Call the Plant Doctor” workshop – introducing  students to plant diseases and the use of Koch’s Postulates to identify their causes.

PPPMB students Alyssa Branchez, Zoe Dubrow, and Martha Sudermann
Teaching “Somebody Call the Plant Doctor” (photo: Megan Daniels)








Ed Cobb led a tour of selected plants found in the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory. Highlights included learning about the biology of cacti, a visit to the parasitic plants, and an introduction to economically important plants growing in the conservatory such as coffee, vanilla, pineapple, and citrus. Participants also learned about the life and achievements of Cornell graduate and Nobel Laureate, Barbara McClintock.

Ed Cobb points out distinguishing features of cacti and euphorbs in the LHB conservatory (photo Craig Cramer)









The post-graduate society of the Boyce Thompson Institute hosted the “Genetic Freaks” Workshop, demonstrating genetic recombination using plants and candy bugs.








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