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Recent publications from the SIPS community – April 20, 2017

Managing Apple Crop Load and Diseases with Bloom Thinning Applications in an Organically Managed ‘Honeycrisp’/‘MM.111’ Orchard.

Peck, G.M., DeLong, C.N., Combs, L.D., and Yoder, K.S. 2017.  HortScience 52:377-381.

Seed dormancy, germination and fungal infestation of eastern gamagrass seed

Huang, W., Mayton, H.S., Amirkhani, M., Wang, D., and Taylor, A.G. 2017. Industrial Crops and Products 99:109-116.

Confirmation of Paracercospora egenula causing leaf spot of eggplant in Hawaii

Vaghefi, N., Pethybridge, S.J., Shivas, R.G., and Nelson, S.C. 2016.  Australasian Plant Disease Notes 11:35.

Phytochemical profiles and antioxidant activity of brown rice varieties

Gong, E.S., Luo, S.J., Li, T., Liu, C.M., Zhang, G.W., Chen, J., Zeng, Z.C., and Liu, R.H. 2017. Food Chemistry 227:432-443.

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