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A hot time for all at the 14th Annual SIPS Chili Cook-off

-Magdalen Lindeberg

On March 23 over 125 faculty, students, and staff gathered to sample 13 chili masterpieces produced by SIPS graduate students. Entries were categorized as meat, veggie, and wildcard, with attendees voting for their favorites in each category.



Nietchili  (Annie Kruse and Chris Peritore)


Chili con Awesome (Rachel and David Hultengren)


SIPS Bunnies Present Holy Molé (Jose Vargas, Andy Read, Monica Carvalho, and Camila Martinez)

Also worth a special mention were Jackfruit of all trades (Tyr Wiesner-Hanks and Lauren Brzozowski), featured canned jackfruit as an amazingly realistic substitute for pulled pork, and the tasty Chili Brownies dessert (Elena Michel, Zoe Dubrow, and Anthony Wenndt).

Thanks to members of the SIPS Graduate Student Associations for organizing this fun and tasty event! (photo credits: Sandra Jensen)

Annie Kruse
Bill Holdsworth


SIPS Bunnies present Holy Mole
Jackfruit of all Trades (and Morgan)
Chili Brownies

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