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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 23, 2017

Identification and validation of single nucleotide polymorphic markers linked to Ug99 stem rust resistance in spring wheat.

Yu, L.X., Chao, S., Singh, R.P., and Sorrells, M.E. 2017.  Plos One 12.

Use of RNA-seq data to identify and validate RT-qPCR reference genes for studying the tomato-Pseudomonas pathosystem.

Pombo, M.A., Zheng, Y., Fei, Z., Martin, G.B., and Rosli, H.G. 2017.  Scientific Reports 7:44905.

A phenol-enriched cuticle is ancestral to lignin evolution in land plants.

Renault, H., Alber, A., Horst, N.A., Basilio Lopes, A., Fich, E.A., Kriegshauser, L., Wiedemann, G., Ullmann, P., Herrgott, L., Erhardt, M., Pineau, E., Ehlting, J., Schmitt, M., Rose, J.K.C., Reski, R., and Werck-Reichhart, D. 2017.  Nature Communications 8:14713.

Independently founded populations of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum from a tropical and a temperate region have similar genetic structure.

Lehner, M.S., de Paula Júnior, T.J., Del Ponte, E.M., Mizubuti, E.S.G., and Pethybridge, S.J. 2017.  PLOS ONE 12:e0173915.

A systematic review of the literature reveals trends and gaps in integrated pest management studies conducted in the USA.

Young, S.L. 2017. Pest Management Science: [in press]

Soil Phosphorus Saturation Ratio Sets Comparable Manure Application Cutoffs Across States Differing in Agronomic Soil Test.

Crittenden, S.J., Ketterings, Q.M., Knight, J., and Czymmek, K.J. 2017.  Soil Sci 182:36-44.

Genotyping-by-sequencing markers facilitate the identification of quantitative trait loci controlling resistance to Penicillium expansum in Malus sieversii.

Norelli, J.L., Wisniewski, M., Fazio, G., Burchard, E., Gutierrez, B., Levin, E., and Droby, S. 2017.  Plos One 12.

Genetic architecture of cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) determined through high resolution genome-wide analysis.

Shakiba, E., Edwards, J.D., Jodari, F., Duke, S.E., Baldo, A.M., Korniliev, P., McCouch, S.R., and Eizenga, G.C. 2017.  Plos One 12.

Yield, Yield-related Traits and Response of Potato Clones to Late Blight Disease, in North-Western Highlands of Ethiopia.

Hirut, B.G., Shimelis, H.A., Melis, R., Fentahun, M., and De Jong, W. 2017. J Phytopathol 165:1-14.

Modeling contribution of shallow groundwater to evapotranspiration and yield of maize in an arid area.

Gao, X.Y., Huo, Z.L., Qu, Z.Y., Xu, X., Huang, G.H., and Steenhuis, T.S. 2017.  Sci Rep-Uk 7:1-13.

Rapid transcriptional plasticity of duplicated gene clusters enables a clonally reproducing aphid to colonise diverse plant species.

Mathers, T.C., Chen, Y.Z., Kaithakottil, G., Legeai, F., Mugford, S.T., Baa-Puyoulet, P., Bretaudeau, A., Clavijo, B., Colella, S., Collin, O., Dalmay, T., Derrien, T., Feng, H.L., Gabaldon, T., Jordan, A., Julca, I., Kettles, G.J., Kowitwanich, K., Lavenier, D., Lenzi, P., Lopez-Gomollon, S., Loska, D., Mapleson, D., Maumus, F., Moxon, S., Price, D.R.G., Sugio, A., van Munster, M., Uzest, M., Waite, D., Jander, G., Tagu, D., Wilson, A.C.C., van Oosterhout, C., Swarbreck, D., and Hogenhout, S.A. 2017.  Genome Biol 18.

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