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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 16, 2017

Fluctuations of the transcription factor ATML1 generate the pattern of giant cells in the Arabidopsis sepal

Meyer, H.M., Teles, J., Formosa-Jordan, P., Refahi, Y., San-Bento, R., Ingram, G., Jönsson, H., Locke, J.C.W., and Roeder, A.H.K. 2017. eLife 6:e19131.

Genotype x environment interaction analysis of North American shrub willow yield trials confirms superior performance of triploid hybrids

Fabio, E.S., Volk, T.A., Miller, R.O., Serapiglia, M.J., Gauch, H.G., Van Rees, K.C.J., Hangs, R.D., Amichev, B.Y., Kuzovkina, Y.A., Labrecque, M., Johnson, G.A., Ewy, R.G., Kling, G.J., and Smart, L.B. 2017. Gcb Bioenergy 9:445-459.

Evolution of meiotic recombination genes in maize and teosinte

Sidhu, G.K., Warzecha, T., and Pawlowski, W.P. 2017. BMC Genomics 18.

Cultivated Sub-Populations of Soil Microbiomes Retain Early Flowering Plant Trait

Panke-Buisse, K., Lee, S., and Kao-Kniffin, J. 2017. Microb Ecol 73:394-403.

Combining ability and heterosis of elite drought-tolerant maize inbred lines evaluated in diverse environments of lowland tropics

Adebayo, M.A., Menkir, A., Blay, E., Gracen, V., and Danquah, E. 2017. Euphytica 213.

Life stages, demographic rates, and leaf damage for the round-leaved orchids, Platanthera orbiculata (Pursh.) Lindley and P. macrophylla (Goldie) PM Brown in a northern hardwood forest in New Hampshire, USA

Cleavitt, N.L., Berry, E.J., Hautaniemi, J., and Fahey, T.J. 2017. Botany 95:61-71.

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