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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 9, 2017

Dynamics of microbial community composition and soil organic carbon mineralization in soil following addition of pyrogenic and fresh organic matter.

Whitman, T., Pepe-Ranney, C., Enders, A., Koechli, C., Campbell, A., Buckley, D.H., and Lehmann, J. 2016. Isme J 10:2918-2930.

Zinc and selenium accumulation and their effect on iron bioavailability in common bean seeds.

de Figueiredo, M.A., Boldrin, P.F., Hart, J.J., de Andrade, M.J.B., Guilherme, L.R.G., Glahn, R.P., and Li, L. 2017. Plant Physiol Bioch 111:193-202.

Changes in Morphological, Biochemical and Physiological Traits in Strawberry in the Northeastern United States During One Hundred Years of Breeding.

Harbut, R.M., Pritts, M.P., and Cheng, L.L. 2016.  J Am Pomol Soc 70:194-206.

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