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Recent publications from the SIPS community – December 22, 2016

Paleofloristic assemblage from the Paleogene Río Guillermo Formation, Argentina: preliminary results of phylogenetic relationships of Nothofagus in South America

Vento, B., Gandolfo, M.A., Nixon, K.C., and Prámparo, M. 2017. Historical Biology 29:93-107.

Functional Diversity in Summer Annual Grass and Legume Intercrops in the Northeastern United States

Bybee-Finley, K.A., Mirsky, S.B., and Ryan, M.R. 2016. Crop Science 56:2775-2790.

GABA (γ-Aminobutyric Acid) Uptake Via the GABA Permease GabP Represses Virulence Gene Expression in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000

McCraw, S.L., Park, D.H., Jones, R., Bentley, M.A., Rico, A., Ratcliffe, R.G., Kruger, N.J., Collmer, A., and Preston, G.M. 2016. Molecular Plant-Microbe


Traditional grazing regimes promote biodiversity and increase nectar production in Tibetan alpine meadows

Mu, J., Zeng, Y., Wu, Q., Niklas, K.J., and Niu, K. 2016. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 233:336-342.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Cause a Leaf Blight and Bulb Decay of Onion (Allium cepa).

Bonasera, J.M., Asselin, J.A.E., and Beer, S.V. 2016. Plant Disease 101:29-33.

Limited linkages of aboveground and belowground phenology: A study in grape

Radville, L., Bauerle, T.L., Comas, L.H., Marchetto, K.A., Lakso, A.N., Smart, D.R., Dunst, R.M., and Eissenstat, D.M. 2016. . American Journal of Botany.

Towards an open grapevine information system

Adam-Blondon, A.F., Alaux, M., Pommier, C., Cantu, D., Cheng, Z.M., Cramer, G.R., Davies, C., Delrot, S., Deluc, L., Di Gaspero, G., Grimplet, J., Fennell, A., Londo, J.P., Kersey, P., Mattivi, F., Naithani, S., Neveu, P., Nikolski, M., Pezzotti, M., Reisch, B.I., Töpfer, R., Vivier, M.A., Ware, D., and Quesneville, H. 2016.  Horticulture Research 3:16056.

Introduction to a Special Issue on Genotype by Environment Interaction

de Leon, N., Jannink, J.-L., Edwards, J.W., and Kaeppler, S.M. 2016. Introduction to a Special Issue on Genotype by Environment Interaction. Crop Science 56:2081-2089.

Robust phenotyping strategies for evaluation of stem non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) in rice

Wang, D.R., Wolfrum, E.J., Virk, P., Ismail, A., Greenberg, A.J., and McCouch, S.R. 2016.  Journal of Experimental Botany 67:6125-6138.

Transgressive Variation for Yield Components Measured throughout the Growth Cycle of Jefferson Rice (Oryza sativa) × O. rufipogon Introgression Lines.

Eizenga, G.C., Edwards, J.D., Yeater, K.M., McCouch, S.R., and McClung, A.M. 2016.  Crop Science 56:2336-2347.

Genome-wide Association for Plant Height and Flowering Time across 15 Tropical Maize Populations under Managed Drought Stress and Well-Watered Conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Wallace, J.G., Zhang, X., Beyene, Y., Semagn, K., Olsen, M., Prasanna, B.M., and Buckler, E.S. 2016. Crop Science 56:2365-2378.

Drainage and Nitrate Leaching from Artificially Drained Maize Fields Simulated by the Precision Nitrogen Management Model

Marjerison, R.D., Melkonian, J., Hutson, J.L., van Es, H.M., Sela, S., Geohring, L.D., and Vetsch, J. 2016. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:2044-2052.

Microorganisms and their residues under restored perennial grassland communities of varying diversity

Liang, C., Kao-Kniffin, J., Sanford, G.R., Wickings, K., Balser, T.C., and Jackson, R.D. 2016. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 103:192-200.

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