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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 3, 2016

Seventeen years’ growth of street trees in structural soil compared with a tree lawn in New York City.

Grabosky, J., and Bassuk, N. 2016. Urban for Urban Gree 16:103-109.

A Pipeline Strategy for Grain Crop Domestication.

DeHaan, L.R., Van Tassel, D.L., Anderson, J.A., Asselin, S.R., Barnes, R., Baute, G.J., Cattani, D.J., Culman, S.W., Dorn, K.M., Hulke, B.S., Kantar, M., Larson, S., Marks, M.D., Miller, A.J., Poland, J., Ravetta, D.A., Rude, E., Ryan, M.R., Wyse, D., and Zhang, X.F. 2016. Crop Sci 56:917-930.

When more is better: how data sharing would accelerate genomic selection of crop plants.

Spindel, J. E. and McCouch, S. R. (2016),  New Phytol. doi:10.1111/nph.14174

Cauliflower Yield and Susceptibility to Alternaria Leaf Spot under New York Field Conditions.

Kreis, R.A., Lange, H.W., Reiners, S., and Smart, C.D. 2016.  Horttechnology 26:542-546.

Genomic Prediction using Phenotypes from Pedigreed Lines with No Marker Data.

Ashraf, B., Edriss, V., Akdemir, D., Autrique, E., Bonnett, D., Crossa, J., Janss, L., Singh, R., and Jannink, J.L. 2016.  Crop Sci 56:957-964.

Development of a multiplex PCR diagnostic assay for the detection of Stagonosporopsis species associated with ray blight of Asteraceae.

Vaghefi, N., Hay, F.S., Pethybridge, S.J., Ford, R., and Taylor, P.W.J. 2016.  Eur J Plant Pathol 146:581-595.

Population Dynamics Among six Major Groups of the Oryza rufipogon Species Complex, Wild Relative of Cultivated Asian Rice.

Kim, H., Jung, J., Singh, N., Greenberg, A., Doyle, J.J., Tyagi, W., Chung, J.-W., Kimball, J., Hamilton, R.S., and McCouch, S.R. 2016.  Rice 9:56.

Fostering Creativity in the Horticulture Classroom.

Pritts, M., and Eames-Sheavly, M. 2016.  Horttechnology 26:358-364.

Loss of function at RAE2, a previously unidentified EPFL, is required for awnlessness in cultivated Asian rice.

Bessho-Uehara, K., Wang, D.R., Furuta, T., Minami, A., Nagai, K., Gamuyao, R., Asano, K., Angeles-Shim, R.B., Shimizu, Y., Ayano, M., Komeda, N., Doi, K., Miura, K., Toda, Y., Kinoshita, T., Okuda, S., Higashiyama, T., Nomoto, M., Tada, Y., Shinohara, H., Matsubayashi, Y., Greenberg, A., Wu, J.Z., Yasui, H., Yoshimura, A., Mori, H., McCouch, S.R., and Ashikari, M. 2016.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113:8969-8974.

Effect of Different Commercial Substrates on Growth of Petunia Transplants.

Li, Y.Q., and Mattson, N.S. 2016.  Horttechnology 26:507-513.

 An in vitro and in vivo evaluation of peroxyacetic acid as an alternative sanitizer for wine barrels.

Solis, M.D.A.A., Gadoury, D.M., and Worobo, R.W. 2016. Cienc Tec Vitivinic 31:41-50.

A transgenic approach to control hemipteran insects by expressing insecticidal genes under phloem-specific promoters.

Javaid, S., Amin, I., Jander, G., Mukhtar, Z., Saeed, N.A., and Mansoor, S. 2016.  Sci Rep-Uk 6.

Pathogen Infection and MORC Proteins Affect Chromatin Accessibility of Transposable Elements and Expression of Their Proximal Genes in Arabidopsis.

Bordiya, Y., Zheng, Y., Nam, J.C., Bonnard, A.C., Choi, H.W., Lee, B.K., Kim, J., Klessig, D.F., Fei, Z.J., and Kang, H.G. 2016.  Mol Plant Microbe In 29:674-687.

Nitrate Dynamics in Two Streams Impacted by Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge: Point Sources or Sinks?

Rahm, B.G., Hill, N.B., Shaw, S.B., and Riha, S.J. 2016.  J Am Water Resour As 52:592-604.

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