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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 27, 2016

Proteomic analysis reveals dynamic regulation of fruit development and sugar and acid accumulation in apple.

Li, M.J., Li, D.X., Feng, F.J., Zhang, S., Ma, F.W., and Cheng, L.L. 2016.  J Exp Bot 67:5145-5157.

Gene expression and metabolism preceding soft scald, a chilling injury of ‘Honeycrisp’ apple fruit.

Leisso, R.S.,  Gapper, N.E., Mattheis, J.P., Sullivan, N.L., Watkins, C.B.,  Giovannoni, J.J.,  Schaffer, R.J. Johnston, J.W., Hanrahan, I., Hertog, M.L.A.T.M.,  Nicolaï, B.M., Rudell, D.R. 2016. BMC Genomics 17:798 DOI 10.1186/s12864-016-3019-1.

Ex ante economic evaluation of technologies for managing postharvest physiological disorders: The case of ‘Empire’ apples in New York State

Rickard, B.J., Rudell, D.R., Watkins, C.B. 2016. . HortScience 51:537-542.

Optimal bioenergy power generation for climate change mitigation with or without carbon sequestration.

Woolf, D., Lehmann, J., and Lee, D.R. 2016.  Nature communications 7:13160.

Comparison of Phenotyping Methods for Resistance to Stem Rot and Aggregated Sheath Spot in Rice.

Rosas, J.E., Martinez, S., Bonnecarrere, V., de Vida, F.P., Blanco, P., Malosetti, M., Jannink, J.L., and Gutierrez, L. 2016.  Crop Sci 56:1619-1627.

Reinventing Potato as a Diploid Inbred Line-Based Crop.

Jansky, S.H., Charkowski, A.O., Douches, D.S., Gusmini, G., Richael, C., Bethke, P.C., Spooner, D.M., Novy, R.G., De Jong, H., De Jong, W.S., Bamberg, J.B., Thompson, A.L., Bizimungu, B., Holm, D.G., Brown, C.R., Haynes, K.G., Sathuvalli, V.R., Veilleux, R.E., Miller, J.C., Bradeen, J.M., and Jiang, J.M. 2016.  Crop Sci 56:1412-1422.

Rewiring of jasmonate and phytochrome B signalling uncouples plant growth-defense tradeoffs.

Campos, M.L., Yoshida, Y., Major, I.T., Ferreira, D.D., Weraduwage, S.M., Froehlich, J.E., Johnson, B.F., Kramer, D.M., Jander, G., Sharkey, T.D., and Howe, G.A. 2016.  Nat Commun 7.

Tree diameter growth after root trenching in a mature mixed stand of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica [L.]).

Pretzsch, H., Bauerle, T., Haberle, K., Matyssek, R., Schutze, G., and Rotzer, T. 2016.  Trees-Struct Funct 30:1761-1773.

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