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André Jagendorf celebrates 90th birthday

Bill Fry, Bob Turgeon, André Jagendorf, Peter Davies, Bill Crepet (photo: Gillian Turgeon)

Members of SIPS gathered in the Bailey Hortorium on Monday to celebrate the 90th birthday of André Jagendorf, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor Emeritus in the Section of Plant Biology.

Jagendorf’s research career is noteworthy for his having provided direct evidence that chloroplasts synthesize adenosine trisphosphate (ATP) using the chemiosmotic mechanism proposed by Peter Mitchell.  He was elected to the National Academy of Science in 1980 and is the recipient of many other awards. Since retiring in 1997, Jagendorf has continued to conduct research in the laboratory of Bob Turgeon.

Following a toast by his colleagues, Jagendorf related some of his long history with Cornell from his graduation with a BA in Plant Physiology in 1948 to his return as a Professor of Plant Physiology in 1966 and concluded, not unexpectedly, with a joke.  Much more about his life and illustrious career can be learned from the sources listed below, as well as a recent interview conducted with him by Bob Turgeon and now available at Cornell’s eCommons.

Cutting the cake (photo: Gillian Turgeon)

Learn more:

  • Wikipedia entry (by Randy Wayne, includes a succinct summary of Jagendorf’s major research breakthroughs)



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