2017 Competition

Cornell EERI Seismic Design Team Takes 1st Place!

Eight team members traveled to Portland, Oregon from March 7th to March 10th to represent Cornell University at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s Undergraduate Student Design Competition. This included presenting our building design/architecture and putting the building under three different seismic strains, each getting progressively more intense.

Cornell ranked first place overall in the competition, with notable rankings in our poster (first place), presentation (second place), and design proposal (third place). We are extremely proud of our team and our efforts. In total, our team put in over 1700 hours! We thank all of you for your support! Check out some highlights below!

Sacrificing time and sleep, our Cornell Seismic Design team members flew hundreds of miles to Oregon to represent our team at competition. These members along with those at Cornell worked tirelessly to make this building a reality and we thank our friends and family for all their support!
The team shares a laugh with SLC Chair Kristen Hess just before our building begins to shake. Our structure, the Pettygrove tower, survived all three earthquake ground motions at competition.
Working together, our team captain Scott Kaufman ’18, our architecture lead Hez Thompson, and our logistics lead Shannon Spiers ’17 make sure that the deadload rods go through the top floor properly. Our architecture team envisioned the lush and captivating green roof to be a public area that brings the Pearl District community together and reduces water runoff into the Willamette River.
Posing proudly with the 1st place plaque, Scott Kaufman ’18 flashes a smile . Kaufman put in hours and hours of work as the team lead to make sure our building was the best it could be.
Overjoyed by the announcement of our team’s success, construction leads Christina Thomas ’18 and Adarsh Subramani ’19 hug our structure. When asked about working on team, Christina said, “Constructing a model of a building from the ground up is so incredible and I am very much looking forward to seeing the amazing things our team does in the future!”
Team members take to the stage at the awards luncheon after being announced as the First Place finishers at the 2017 Seismic Design Competition. They are joined on stage by SLC Chairs Kristen Hess and Yi-Tyan Tsai. Thank you to both of them and to the entire SLC and SDC leadership for putting on such a great event!
After intense preparations, our Team Captain, Scott Kaufman ’18 and our Design Lead, Juan Meriles ’18 took to the podium to unveil the Pettygrove Tower. Their great presentation scored us second place, helping us secure first place overall in competition.