Talks and Congrats

Frida and Jeremy both gave talks at the Mammal Society of Great Britain Annual Meeting in Cambridge. They took time out to go to the Eagle pub where Watson and Crick used to hang out. Meanwhile back in Ithaca … congrats to Jacob and Jon on their Mellon grants!

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Excitements During March

Congratulations to Jacob for gaining a Provost Fellowship for the next academic year!

It’s been fun having Paulo and Joana visiting Ithaca again from the University of Porto, Portugal.

Jeremy has been making the most of his sabbatical with a visit to Zhejiang University in China. Here is a picture of him in a bamboo forest in the Botanic Gardens of Hangzhou.

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December ’16 Changes

In late Nov, Jasmine had her baby girl, Sanai! Congrats!

Before switching her position as lab manager in the lab to website manager, Cassandra was sent to take over Jasmine’s role for her postdoc fieldwork in Berkeley, CA. Chris Conroy, the Mammalogy Curator for the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley, took some sweet photos of everybody in action. Brian, one of the lab techs at the MVZ, also joined in for the fieldwork fun!

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PhD Walk

Frida had her graduation ceremony at Cornell on Saturday, when Jeremy also had the opportunity to dress in robes (and a suit)! Cassandra and Frida’s sister Bylgja were able to join in on the fun!

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Before the Holidays

The action never stops for the lab, even with the current freezing temperatures of Ithaca, NY. Both Jeremy and Jonathan had important roles for the departmental holiday party; Jeremy by giving an improvised presentation explaining why In-and-Out Burger restaurants are nonexistent in Ithaca, and Jonathan by narrating the first-year grad student cohort video as David Attenborough! The undergraduates gave their end-of-semester presentations before finals, and Henry Kunerth passed his A exam! Great job, everyone!

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New and Exciting!

The Searle Lab welcomes a new member, Trevor Sless, a PhD candidate working on bees! And also Nick won the 2016 Cornelia Ye Outstanding TA Award, which is a university-wide teaching prize with only two recipients per year!

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The New Doctor!

Congrats to Fríða on finishing her wonderful PhD at Cornell on thermal adaptations in American red squirrels! She managed to celebrated afterwards with The Boss, drinking the Arrogant Bastard ale!


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Goodbye and Hello

It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to say goodbye to Sveta and Asia after their 6-month stays in Ithaca, but we are also welcoming a brand new graduate student, Jonathan Hughes, coming from a Master’s program in McMaster University, Canada, as well as a new undergraduate research assistant, Jeremy Pustilnik. Looking forward to your future work!

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