Brian Caldwell

Research Support Specialist

1986 M.S., Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1979 B.S., Economic Botany, Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Research interest
During his industrious tenure with the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab, Brian was interested in all aspects of organic crop management. His main project was the ‘OCS’ experiment (the Organic Cropping Systems Trial) a comparison of four organic approaches to production of field and vegetable crops. The four systems included: one modeled on a successful organic farm with outstanding production and weed control; one with a variant on that system (higher nutrient additions in the field crops trial and an intensified cropping system in the vegetable trial); one that is similar to typical practices; and one with an experimental organic reduced tillage system using ridge till culture. The field crops trial also includes a conventionally-managed treatment. Crop yield and quality, insect levels, soil nutrients and health, and weeds are being monitored. The project is set to last for 4 years.

Select Publications





Caldwell, B., C. Mohler, Q. M. Ketterings and A. DiTommaso (2014). Yields and Profitability During and After Transition in Organic Grain Cropping Systems.  Agron. J. 106:871–880.


Caldwell, B., E. Sideman, E. Brown-Rosen, A. Shelton, and C. Smart. Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management. New York State Agriculture Experiment Station, Geneva, NY. For more information visit:

2004 Caldwell, B. Vegetable Crop Health: Helping Nature Control Pests and Diseases Organically Vegetable Crop Health. NOFA Interstate Council. Barre, MA. For more information visit:
2001 Caldwell, B. and C.L. Mohler. Stale seedbed practices for vegetable production. HortScience 36:703-705.




Dushoff, J., B. Caldwell and C. L. Mohler. Evaluating the environmental impact of pesticides: a critique of the environmental impact quotient. American Entomologist 40:180-184.


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