Ann Bybee-Finley

Graduate Student

B.S. Biochemistry, & B.A. International Studies, West Virginia University, 2011.
University of Natural Resources & Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria, 2010.
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, 2009.

Research Interests
My research interests lie in the ecological interactions between agronomic crops and the agricultural environment across different scales of time and space.  In particular, I am interested in learning how to optimize the productivity of intercrops by better understanding the combinations of different species in terms of the functional traits, relative planting densities, and resource needs.

Current Research
My mission in research is helping farmers find solutions to their agronomic issues.  One of the very well known issues farmers face is climate change; another is the conflict of being the interface of environmental stewardship and subversive agricultural policy.  Dairy farmers are left with limited options when faced with shortages of feed regularly grown on the farm.  One solution is to cull the herd, the other is to import costly grain. My research in the Sustainable Cropping Systems lab is providing extension agents, crop consultants, and farmers with more information of alternative options to corn or soybean.  Specifically my research involves optimizing the productivity and forage quality of summer annual forage crops.  I work in comparing different planting combinations of four species: sorghum sudangrass, pearl millet, cowpea, and sunn hemp.  In the following years, I will work with farmers, study the economic valuations of intercropping systems, and analyze the effects of agricultural policy on farmer decision-making.




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