Now Enrolling Herds: Linking Lameness and Lying Times in Tie Stall Facilities

Betsy Hicks, Area Dairy Specialist with the South Central NY Dairy & Field Crops Team is enrolling herds that house their milking string in tie-stall facilities in a project evaluating the effect of tie-stall housing upon lameness and lying times. 

Q: What does it involve?

A: Betsy will meet with you to over the project and assessment in detail. On assessment, 40 cows will be assessed for body size and lameness and have data loggers attached to the leg for 1 week to measure lying behavior

Q: What do you get out of the project?

A: You will receive data from your initial assessment on lameness, lying behavior and facility and management factors, and form an action plan with changes specific to your dairy to positively impact lameness. Betsy will follow up with you periodically throughout the next 12 months to help implement and monitor changes. Reassessment of lying time is possible after changes are made, if desired.

Q: Cost?

A: Free

Q: How do I get involved?

A: Enrollment is limited to 5 farms in the SCNY region this round. Please contact Betsy Hicks to enroll at or 607.391.2673.