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“How To” …Our IPM Tools for Managing School Pests

The IPM Resources menu on the Best Management Practices for School IPM website provides ‘tools’ to help practitioners, experienced or new, practice IPM. And that’s the point.

Integrated Pest Management uses science- based knowledge to reduce pest problems. But as good as your practices might be, communication between custodians, groundskeepers, school staff, teachers and administrators, as well as the school board, and greater community is crucial. As with students, pest management works best when everyone is ‘on board’.

From our experiences in schools, and discussions with school staff and pesticide control officers, we created a list of resources to help in the everyday practice and that important cooperative effort.

General IPM:

Action Thresholds in School IPM Programs

Basis Steps in IPM Implementation

Colorado Coalition School IPM Policy Statement Template

University of California IPM: A curriculum for Early Care and Education Programs

EPA Citizen’s Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety

EPA Pest Control in the School Environment: Adopting IPM

IPM for Pennsylvania Schools: A How-To Manual

IPM for School Administrators and Principals

sample of IPM for admins

Notice of Pesticide Application

Pesticide Application Record Form

Integrated Pest Management Literacy Plan for K-12 Education

Simple Inspection Form (generic indoor or outdoor)

sample generic inspe form

Long-Term Management of Structural Squirrel and Bat Problems.


Next time, we’ll focus on Resources specific to Indoor Pest Management.