ANNOUNCEMENT: Scholars@Cornell


Dear friends,

I am writing to inform you of LEG’s decision regarding Scholars@Cornell. When LEG approved the pilot project for beta release, it requested that a status review be done in 2018. This review is now complete and it was decided that the project will not be continued beyond the end of 2018.

The pilot was a success from the technical perspective, and it generated quite a bit of enthusiasm on campus and at international conferences. Still, moving from a beta release to a production service would have required a critical mass of colleges and departments becoming contributing partners to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability. This proved elusive, and consequently the Scholars@Cornell project and CUL’s subscription to Symplectic Element will not be transitioned into an ongoing service. The faculty publication data accumulated in the system will be archived. Department administrators, as they know, will be able to access their own Scholars@Cornell data via the Web through 2019, after which time it will be moved to an offline archive.

Current Scholars@Cornell staff will continue to focus on providing access to and preservation of the scholarly record by participating in the development of CUL’s many innovative projects and services. In addition, CUL remains deeply interested in making use of semantic technologies to describe research, researchers, and scholarship. We plan to continue to engage with the VIVO community, and we look forward to continuing collaborations, new grant funding opportunities, and all efforts to provide open solutions for the improvement of scholarship and research.

We are very proud of the innovative and proactive work that CUL has done on Scholars@Cornell and, leading into it, on VIVO. These efforts have garnered international attention and spawned multiple projects around the globe as well as an open source community.

In appreciation,

Gerald R. Beasley

Carl A. Kroch University Librarian

Cornell University Library



Late June 2018 Release Notes

  • Publications data has been updated. (June 14th, 2018)
  • Dropdown lists of homepage visualizations now contain opt in organizations/people only.
  • Visualization panels are now displayed only on opt in units/people profiles pages.
  • Publications list on faculty profile pages now contain publications count along with the subject area category.
  • FAQs has been updated.
  • Generic MeSH terms (such as Humans, Animals) are now filtered from the keyword cloud.
  • Co-authorship visualization has been updated to combine the identical co-author name into one single entry.

June 2018 Release Notes

  • Update of Publications Data.
  • Update of Human Resource (HR) Data.
  • Update of Grants and Contracts Data.
  • Update of Visualizations Data

January 2018 Release Notes

  • Conference Papers have been included in Scholars@Cornell.
  • We have introduced a new visualization (under the heading Journals and Proceeding), available on the homepage. Using this visualization, one can browse different journals and proceeding in general or filter the content for a specific College. This visualization helps to understand in which Journals/Proceedings Cornell Faculty is publishing… and how often. Did Faculty publish any article, let’s say, in Nature last year, which article was that, who wrote it.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.