All events will be in Schurman Hall at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

6:00am Academy (Charter) Bus departs from NYC Weill Cornell Medicine
1300 York Ave, New York, NY 10065
12:00-1:00pm Registration and Boxed Lunch Atrium
1:00-1:30pm Welcome Remarks and Introduction
Lorin Warnick, DVM, PhD
Gary Koretzky, MD, PhD
Praveen Sethupathy, PhD
Lecture Hall 4/5
1:35-2:05pm Chris Mason, PhD
Direct RNA Sequencing and Metatranscriptomic Global Surveillance
Lecture Hall 4/5
2:10-2:40pm Brian Rudd, MPH, PhD
MicroRNA Regulation of Infant Immunity
Lecture Hall 4/5
2:45-3:15pm Jessica Tyler, PhD
Changes in Transcription and Translation During Replicative Aging 
Lecture Hall 4/5
3:20-3:50pm Iwijn De Vlaminck, PhD
Digitizing Urine Culture 
Lecture Hall 4/5
3:50-4:20pm Coffee Break (poster set-up) Atrium
4:20-4:50pm Samie Jaffrey, MD, PhD
The Dynamic Epitranscriptome: Control of Gene Expression by Dynamic Nucleotide Modifications
Lecture Hall 4/5
4:55-5:25pm Charles Danko, PhD
Chromatin Run-on Reveals Nascent RNAs That Differentiate Normal and Malignant Brain Tissue 
Lecture Hall 4/5
5:30-6:00pm Ailong Ke, PhD
How Do CRISPR Systems Establish and Maintain the RNA-guided Immunity Against Foreign Genetic Elements 
Lecture Hall 4/5
6:05-6:35pm Olivier Elemento, PhD
The Role of lncRNAs in Hematological Malignancies 
Lecture Hall 4/5
6:35-6:40pm Concluding Remarks
Olivier Elemento, PhD
Lecture Hall 4/5
6:40-9:00pm Poster Session and Reception Atrium

Friday, December 1, 2017

8:00-9:00am Breakfast Atrium
9:00-9:15am Introductory Remarks
Michael Kotlikoff, VMD, PhD
Paula Cohen, PhD
Lecture Hall 4/5
9:20-9:50am Cedric Feschotte, PhD
Mobile DNA (and RNA!) as Catalyst of Biological Innovation
Lecture Hall 4/5
9:55-10:25am Hagen Tilgner, PhD
What genes are saying, not how much they talk 
Lecture Hall 4/5
10:25-10:55am Coffee Break Atrium
10:55-11:25am Andrew Grimson, PhD
Finding MicroRNA Targets
Lecture Hall 4/5
11:30-12:00pm Paula Cohen, PhD
Argonaute-regulated Small RNA Functions in the Mammalian Germ Line
Lecture Hall 4/5
12:00-1:00pm Boxed Lunch Atrium
1:00-1:30pm Maureen Hanson, PhD
MicroRNAs in Immune Cells in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lecture Hall 4/5
1:35-2:05pm Doron Betel, PhD
Needle in a Haystack: Single-cell Analysis of Esophageal Tumor 
Lecture Hall 4/5
2:10-2:40pm Praveen Sethupathy, PhD
MicroRNAs as Prognostic Indicators, Adaptive Responders, and Disease Drivers
Lecture Hall 4/5
2:40-3:00pm Coffee Break Atrium
3:00-5:00pm Breakout Session S1-106, S1-122, S2-106, S2-114, S2-120
5:00-6:00pm Wrap-up and Concluding Remarks
Paula Cohen, PhD
Lecture Hall 4/5
6:15pm Bus departs Schurman Hall