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Ways Online Fax Can Help Your Business

If your business relies on a fax machine for a lot of its processes, then you know how complicated it can get at times, especially if there’s a problem during the transmission of the fax.  Luckily, today businesses of all sizes can take advantage of online fax technology, which combines the security of faxing with the speed brought by a digital platform.

Online faxing can have a positive impact in your business or office, making processes faster and automating tasks such as the reception of faxes or the delivery of scheduled documents.  If you are still hesitant about trying out this technology, check out the reasons why you should put your doubts aside and give it a go.

1.  Lets you fax faster

One of the major advantages of using a digital fax solution is that it helps you to fax faster.  Fax machines, as useful as they were, have become slow in a World where we can reach a customer overseas in just a moment with a messaging app.

You can send a fax in just a matter of seconds from a web form, use Gmail to fax, or use your mobile phone, then just wait for the confirmation message to arrive. For receiving fax to email you simply check your inbox, as faxes arrive automatically without requiring you to be next to the computer.

2. Reach multiple customers at the same time

Do you need to send a single document to multiple recipients?  What used to be a nightmare with a fax machine now can be done with just a few clicks.  Online fax services let you reach multiple customers or providers with the fax broadcasting feature.  You can add up to 200 people from you contacts list and send them a fax at the same time, some services let you add even more recipients through a corporate plan.

Another option, if you don’t want to reach hundreds of people, is to use your email to fax and separate the recipients by comma, just like sending a common email.

3.  Stay in touch with your faxes anywhere

Mobile fax apps let you have a small fax machine in your pocket at all times.  Check for incoming faxes with just a few taps and even compose new ones using your phone’s camera.  These photos are optimized by the app and converted to an analog fax file, so you can read them clearly as the printout of a fax machine.

Some of the best apps let you sign documents on the go.  Just tap on “Sign Fax” and you’ll be able to add a digitized version of your signature.

4.  Integration with cloud storage services

Cloud storage services allow us to access our files from any computer or device, it is a useful tool for team collaboration in platforms such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive.  Well, you can also integrate these accounts with your online fax service, letting you pull documents straight from the cloud.

Incoming documents can also be saved straight on your cloud storage service, from where it can be shared with other members in your office.

5.  Let’s you save money

With digital faxing you can forget about the upfront costs of a traditional faxing solution: a fax machine, a dedicated fax line, paper/toner supplies. Instead, you just need a connection to the Internet and a computer.

Services on the other hand don’t cost more than $10 a month, which includes your own virtual fax number (local or toll-free), and your line is ready to be used immediately.

6.  The fax number can be linked to multiple email addresses.

The virtual fax number provided by your fax service is linked to the email address of your choice, where it will deliver faxes automatically.  But if you want to, you can link this fax number to multiple email addresses, all of which will receive the fax at the same time.  The number of recipients vary from service to service but in average you can add 5 email addresses for free.

7. Custom cover sheets

Having a custom cover sheet is very important for your business branding.  You can use one of the predetermined cover sheets given by your service for free or design your own template.  This will be used any time you send a new fax.

As you can see, if you are not using online fax you are missing on the opportunity to streamline your communications and take the next step in faxing.

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