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Career Prospects In Australian Criminal Law: Everything You Need To Know.

Criminal law deals with crime and regulation of social conduct by punishing people who are responsible for harming, threatening or endangering the safety, moral welfare and health of people living in the society. A criminal lawyer is expected to defend an organization, individual or entity that are charged with crimes involving domestic violence, sex crimes, embezzlement, driving under influence(DUI), fraud, drugs and theft. Criminal lawyers preside over bail bond hearings, parole and probation hearings, plea bargains and post-conviction remedies.

A part of criminal lawyer’s job goes into carrying out the following functions:

1. Investigation of the case and interviewing the witnesses involves in relevance to the case at hand, researching similar cases in the past including crime codes, stature, procedural law and case law.
2. Development of a case strategy for strong defense.
3. Negotiation with the prosecution regarding the charges and plea bargains.
4. Drafting, filing and arguing of motions.
5. Advocating of the defendant during the trial.
6. Drafting, filing and arguing appeals. 

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a recognized Law School with your revocable trusts, your next step should be clearing the bar exam in the state where you wish to practice in the immediate future. The purpose of the bar exam is to obtain a passing grade which, in the end, provides you with the license to practice law. 

Most of the criminal lawyers start their career as public defenders or prosecutors. A public defender is a criminal lawyer appointed by the court to a person who cannot, under various circumstances, afford a lawyer. One can always aspire to broaden their career as an independent practitioner or litigation. This generally involves starting a small office near or in your residence if possible, making appropriate contacts at the police stations, knowing your clients well and keeping aware about the ongoing local politics. 

Having great research skills and proper precedents will make you shine in your district. Initially you will have to take up small cases involving bail and maintenance, but some two years down the line you will find that the sweat and hard work not only pays off but, also makes for a very rewarding job. In Australia, The Aboriginal Legal Service Act provides a huge platform for aspiring lawyers to get a better understanding of the criminal justice system of New South Wales that applies to the ingenious persons. Here you can find clients from all walks of life and countless opportunities to practice fearless, community-focused, ethical and accountable law. One can apply as a solicitor to the Aboriginal Legal Service for employment where you will be expected to perform jobs like letter writing, legislative amendments, sentencing patterns, document serving and more. 

The Judicial Commission of South Wales that was set up under the Judicial Officers Act 1986 is an independent statutory corporation aims for improving the decision making quality of the judicial system and maintaining public confidence. They provide extensive training and educational programs for lawyers so that they can achieve the required consistency in sentencing and examining the complaints against judicial officers. The experience gained at The Judicial Commission of South Wales will also help you become a better practitioner in the near future. The intellectually stimulating job here involves writing of brief items on the recent happenings in the criminal and legislation cases including sentencing of offenders, conviction of crime based on their participation etc.

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