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Education technology continues to revolutionise modern education

It is undeniable that the modern world we live in today is one that has been fundamentally revolutionised over time. Recent years have seen the imminent rise of digitalisation and technological advancement in just about every aspect of life and consequential industry – including, as it turns out, education. The modern approach to education means that digitalisation and technological advancement are now key players in the academic landscape – and the industry is honestly better for it. The whole point of higher education (or any type of education or learning experience, for that matter) is to challenge and reward the individual who is experiencing the education industry from the standpoint of a student perspective. That point is achieved very well, but the key difference between those achieving it right now and those who have achieved it in generations passed, is the technological assistance that has helped to make the process easier. Welcome to the era of technological disruption in education – this is a wild ride, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

It is really interesting to realise that modern education is becoming more and more reliant on education technology to help it fine-tune and ultimately perfect the modern approach to education that is rife these days. Education might not have been one of the first industries to be disrupted by technological advancement, but it is arguably one of the most important to be affected by technological advancement. These days, as EdTech (education technology) interest and investments continue to surge, the enhancements and further iterations are becoming more and more impressive. Modern students are busier than ever, and EdTech is a welcome assistance in coping with their studies, that they are all willing and able to adhere to and to work with. The best part of all? EdTech has many faces, and all of them are specifically geared towards helping students to make the most of their education experience, without having to sacrifice too much (if anything) to do so.

EdTech comes in many shapes and sizes, and all of them come together to ultimately create the most incredible tapestry for a future for the education industry. Regardless of if it is digital versions of course materials and courses themselves (and even entire degrees, for that matter), or the latest online essay review service that helps students to work out the kinks in their assessments before submitting them online (to name a few key examples), the point always remains the same. That point, like it or not, is that EdTech presents modern students with the type of innovation that ultimately puts the power of the academic experience back in their hands, while assisting them to navigate the entire industry with relative ease and transparency. EdTech, like all branches of technology, is about making life easier, and in the case of education technology it is about making the student experience more convenient and efficient, so as to take some of the pressure of academic excellence off.

From the digitalisation of course materials, to the introduction of extensive online learning (to the point that entire degrees, and even entire universities for that matter, function and thrive around online teaching and learning objectives and platforms), EdTech is a force to be reckoned with. Even in what is considered to be a relatively short time frame thus far, EdTech has positively and without exception transformed the way that people respond to and act towards the modern education experience. EdTech allows for convenience and efficiency to be met wholeheartedly with determination and excellence to create a wholesome academic career. Students are working just as hard as ever – if not more so – and they are finding more and more often that embracing technological advancement in their academic journeys gives them a far simpler approach to education that they can carry forward with them – even well after graduation and into the real world thereafter. 

We now live in a modern era that is paved with good intentions, digitalisation, and technological advancement from the onset. This is undeniable. Every aspect, every industry in modern life – including education – has been, or is currently being transformed by technological advancement in some way. In education, the aptly named education technology has made some of the most efficient evolutionary changes in the academic sector’s history. What is more is that EdTech is nowhere near finished making its mark on the education industry – in fact, it is just beginning. If the beginning projections include the digitalisation of materials and the introduction of online courses and degrees, then the sky is truly the limit for innovations and evolutions in this industry, going forward. EdTech is wildly successful now, and that success is only going to continue to flourish and thrive as the years go on. Welcome to the future of education.

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