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The ongoing battle to bring in more adequate US gun control laws

The US is currently dealing with an excruciating crisis that has been decades in the making, and that is currently in its worst state ever. The inadequate gun control laws here in the United States have been partially responsible for the unfortunate epidemic that, at this point, is testing Americans and their dedication to justice, more than ever. more Americans have died from gun-related instances since 1968, than in all the wars in the history of the United States. The facts are simple, they could not be more straightforward. In fact, for decades, no more than 15% of Americans have favoured looser gun laws. Since the founding of the United States of America, there have been upwards of 1,396,733 deaths, while there have been over 1,516,863 gun-related deaths in that same period, on US soil. It is a shocking reality, and one that frankly, has been ignored far too long. But finally, after the first half of this year has seen more than 200 mass shooting events throughout the country, perhaps the message will finally sink in: that stricter gun laws are necessary.

Gun violence has plagued the United States in a way that frankly, is unprecedented and unmatched throughout the rest of the western world. Take the mass shooting that took place in Port Arthur, Australia, for example, and the lives that one gunman took on that horrific day in the nation’s history. It took one incident of mass gun violence in Australia for the country to essentially get rid easy access to guns altogether. One incident, one day, one mass shooter. And yet the United States sees hundreds of these incidents every single year – and that does not even include the gun violence that does not reach the level of “mass shootings”. This is just one example of the drastic comparison between the United States and another western country, but it drives the point home more than ever. In a time where the gun laws in the USA allow practically anyone access to a gun, with limited to no background checks, there must be a call for action to change.

It is not enough to simply want the victims to be the catalysts for change. Investing in the professional services of law firms like Seattle personal injury or a New York law firm (or any other manner of law firms, for that matter) is only worth anything as long as victims of gun violence are alive to testify and ultimately take their cases to court. And more to the point, many surviving victims are so traumatised by their experience that they often do not want to relive it by going through the motions in court (which is, obviously, understandable). Stricter gun laws in the USA are something that practically every single person who has seen or been otherwise affected by gun violence, want. The constant protests, campaigns, and calls for justice are not being actioned by the parties that can enforce positive change, and that is devastating not only for the country, but for every person who is afraid to go to school, to go to a concert, to step out to the grocery store, or to worship.

The gun laws in this country are a joke, and the time has more than come for action to be taken. It seems strange that the current president is releasing people from prison on drug charges (non-violent or not) – a system that is significantly difficult considering the state of the prison system – yet the president will not lift a finger to enforce stricter gun laws that would make his people far safer and more secure all around. There is something damaging about the reality that this branch of USA law imposes currently, and that is the notion that allowing the same gun laws that have allowed the convenient and easy access to guns over the counter, are still in effect. While some states have taken active and consistent steps to right the ship in their jurisdiction, ultimately the problem will continue until the president takes action and forces the laws into changing. It is a motion that is crucial, and yet it is one that continuously is left unanswered.

The United States has a harrowing history of gun-related violence that has been allowed by the very government that swears to protect its people. It is a sorrowful irony that has plagued the nation for decades, and it is a disturbing trend that continues despite the exceedingly outraged cries of US citizens to enforce stricter gun laws that would significantly limit the gun violence that has plagued the streets for so long. The reality that more people have died from gun-related incidents outside of wars, than those who have died during wars involving America, is brutal. US people have been calling for changes to gun laws for the longest time now, opposed by the government that continues to swear its dedication to their protection, even as it refused to take any real action towards righting its wrongs and restoring balance. The first half of 2019 is over, and with it has come and gone over 200 mass shootings, a fact that has rocked the nation and the world once more. Stricter gun laws are crucial, but when (if ever) will the US government finally listen? When will the president take action?

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