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The importance of prioritising and promoting joint health

Like every aspect of our overall health, our joint health is very important. Our joints are the cogs and wheels that keep the body moving fluidly and without bumps in the road. And while one day AI will work towards creating artificial joints to remedy joint health issues, for now we should just stick to the traditionally clad and proven methods of prevention and response. Often the most underrated facet of overall health, our joint health is tremendously important in helping the body to function as it is meant to. There is a great theoretical parallel that compares the human skeleton to a skyscraper. Essentially, when the skeleton fails to stand well-balanced when upright, the joints do not function as they are designed to. This is like the function of a skyscraper’s interiors if it is standing at an angle – lifts do not run up and down as smoothly, doors and windows do not open and shut properly, and furniture creeps across the floors, if not tipping easily, to the side of the building that has angled downward.

It is important to keep the body (and the skyscraper) functioning as closely to its full capability as possible, so there are many instances that we can work to improve our joint health and (hopefully) keep it running at its peak. Making sure that you go to appointed or personally initiated meetings with a professional and dedicated orthopedic clinic in your area is of course important, but there are also many things you can do yourself that prove to make all the difference when it comes to staying on top of your joint health (and your overall health, for that matter). To keep the body (and again, the skyscraper) operating at its peak, we must be willing and able to do what we can to optimise our chances of having peak joint health. Incorporating these healthy habits into daily life means that, hopefully, they go on to become second nature rather than daily tasks, and you go on to reap the benefits.

There are many foods you can eat to help with your joint health as well (yes, believe it or not, your diet does have a genuine impact on your joint health, as well as your overall health). Foods like pineapple, turmeric, ginger, garlic, hot peppers, and mild capsicums are all excellent anti-inflammatories, as well as having numerous other health benefits that assist in the correlation and advancement of strong joint health. Incorporating these foods into your diet is a simple yet effective way to stay on top of your joint health in your own time, as well as instigating and maintaining healthy approaches to food that make you not only feel your best, but look your best. These are just some of the foods that will work with your body to help decrease inflammation in the joints and other areas of the body, effectively making you feel much better both immediately and in the long run too.

And then of course there is the importance of maintaining the habit of physical movement. Getting in just half an hour (thirty minutes) of physical exercise in every day is enough to keep the joints moving enough that they do not seize up and begin to ache and cramp as much as they do if you do not incorporate exercise into your everyday routine at all. Additionally, it is important to always remember your stretching. Not stretching at the right time can result in injuries that could easily have been avoided if you had just stretched it out. And then, finally, there is the issue of addressing stiffness when it appears and persists. If stiffness does not dissipate on its own, it is important to address it; go and speak to an orthopedic professional and get the stiffness diagnosed. What might seem simple could turn out to be more serious than you initially thought, and vice versa, but joint health is so important, so it pays to keep an eye on it.

Our overall health is so important, and within its constructs are multiple individual facets of health. One of them is joint health, and this is arguably the most underrated aspect of overall health there is in the human body. Joint health is so important that it is in fact the league of health that quite literally controls how you move throughout life. Naturally, as we age, our bodies begin to act and react differently to different circumstances and instances, but we should always be striving to ensure that we can act and react in the best way possible. And that is why joint health is so important. While the main initiator to maintaining joint health is of course keeping up to date with orthopedic clinic appointments, and making additional unplanned appointments when something is awry, there is a lot that we can do for ourselves to maximise joint health wherever possible. These innovations include stretching, noting and responding adequately to stiffness, diet, and exercise. Joint health is worth its weight in gold, so stay on top of it, always.

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