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The accelerating importance of internet privacy in the digital age

We are no strangers to technological advancement. We live in the digital age, where technological influence is as common as the roofs that give us shelter, or the shoes on our feet. Each of these technological innovations has brought with it an incredible empowerment that has changed the world in one way or another (and sometimes even in multiple ways).

One of the most influential – and arguably the most prolific technological advancement in recent human history – is the introduction of the worldwide web. When the internet was first introduced as a mainstream innovation, it brought with it a wide array of criticism, and not all of it was constructive.

There were always going to be these criticisms, of course, as there is with any new technological wave. And over time, as is often (if not always) the case, the criticisms were pushed back as the internet proved time and again to be worth its weight in gold. The internet has given us a world of information and opportunities, and now it is up to us to ensure and protect it against destruction at the hands of online security threats.

The one criticism that has never been broken down is that of online privacy; a measure protecting against of activity disruption and even theft, online privacy is an ongoing engagement that, quite frankly, nobody can afford to be lax with these days. Internet privacy has always been an issue. Since the dawn of the inception of the worldwide web, there have been threats to online privacy that have risked the exposure and theft of our most private information.

Living in the digital age and the era of the internet takeover has meant that, seemingly every other day, we have been inputting more of our data and other sensitive information into the worldwide web. In the beginning, there was the incorrect notion that because this data was being sent into a virtual plain, it was limitless and thus impossible for others to catch back.

However, this has been proven, time and again, to be anything but the case. In fact, our growing awareness of the internet and how it works has led to the realisation that the more information that we put into the virtual landscape, the more there is for the taking.

Without barriers in place, the information can be taken, tweaked, and utilised without the initial user’s permission, and without limitation. It is this truth of the internet that is so scary, and it is exactly the reason that internet privacy is so important.

The threats that seek to destroy the reaches of online privacy are dangerous for many reasons, but perhaps the most important of them all is the reality that internet threats to privacy and security are designed for malicious intent, for the most part.

What this means is that internet threats are often malware and other vicious viruses, what are designed with the intention to steal and use the private information that is entered by users online as they engage in online activity through the internet. These days, there are thankfully many innovations in internet privacy that are doing their part to keep online activity as private and secure as possible.

Users can engage in anonymous browsing through the use of a VPN (virtual private network). We can protect our devices from malware and other online attacks by installing anti-virus and malware protection systems. Our online accounts are protected by secret Q&As, email or text message log in codes, and even password encryption services (think 1Password, for instance). There is no shortage of online protection barriers in place, and

Living in the digital age has instilled in us all a sense of technological proficiency that has a habit of making us feel like we are on top of the world. While this feeling is no doubt enjoyable, it has becoming exceedingly obvious too that we must be more careful, the more that we delve into the world of digitalisation and technological impact.

The internet privacy issues we are constantly facing are an excellent example of this truth in vivid motion. The introduction and ongoing advancement of the worldwide web has been nothing short of life-changing in all the best and brightest ways, but it has also come with accompanying security threats, like hackers and malware (to name a few). The more we utilise the online stratosphere that is the internet, the more these threats and risks become prominent forces.

So, it becomes more and more important all the time to actively and consistently engage with internet privacy measures. And until there comes a day that an online protective measure is introduced that bars all threats without exception, it will always be important. Our data is too important, and that is the truth of the matter; protection is necessary always.

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