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New dentists must be careful when deciding on temp work

Finding a job after dental school can be difficult. It seems like your whole like you strategically plan for success by getting good grades, getting involved in the community and in your school, being a dedicated student, and then all of a sudden, you are no longer a student, but a doctor. Making plans for after receiving your doctoral degree might get pushed to the back burner when you focus so hard and making everything perfect for graduation day. To some, it might seem as if all you did was get a the fancy puffy hat to walk across a stage, but to you that is just the beginning of a lifetime of achievements. Graduation day might be the close of one chapter, but it is the beginning of a whole new life.

Some dental students are hired where they worked during school and others may do some internships or fellowships in their chosen location. You have to have a job to have money to move and you have to move to find a job. That seemingly never ending circle of adulthood can leave some recent dental grads thinking that they did all that work just to have a DDS after their name. Those who put in the hardwork and dedication know the importance of their work and how they will help people. Everyone has a mouth and needs dental care. Dentists spend their career dedicated to human services and saving lives in the same way physicians do. Finding the right job is important.

It’s no secret that not everyone can start out having their own private practice. Although many dental students go into their field with the mindset that someday they will have their own practice, many have to start out in other offices first to get their foot in the door and get clients. Some dental practitioners might seem persuaded to find a dental temp agency, yet that can be a huge industry mistake. Dental temp agencies can be cost ineffective and can lead to more monetary deficits than necessary. This platform can help dentists find offices to work in while they are doing temporary work. They can help offer solutions in short term staffing gaps and issues that could potentially be a costly matter for offices. For dental professionals looking to hire new dental graduates, they can help find and recruit top talent. It makes working in the dental industry easier. Dental graduates can set their own rates and availability. It is mutually beneficial for offices and recent graduates to utilize a cloud source rather than a dental temp agency. Although dental students may decide to take the route of doing temp work until they find a permanent position, they should not go through an agency because they agency often takes a portion of their salary or demands outlandish fees.

Making the right decisions during dental school can set students up for success after. That is where networking opportunities can also help students secure jobs and connections. Although it is not always taught, networking skills are necessary in almost any field. Doing dental temp work after graduation can definitely help new dentists with their networking skills and set up some connections even if it is a few friends and coworkers. Dental networking in different office while doing temporary work can not only help build a platform, but also help build client trust. First impressions are truly everything, so learning how to nail that first impression with a patient can help a dentist grows in his or her career.

Although the continual change of venues between temporary dental positions is less than desirable, it also gives recent dental graduates the opportunity to decide what type of office environment best suits their personality. It can be seriously limiting to accept a full time position only to later realize that type of work environment is not best for you. It also teaches them to ask the right questions when being interviewed for a job. For example, when the time comes to accept a permanent position, the dentists might ask things like:

“How would you describe the scope of your work environment?”

“Would you say this office fosters a team-based atmosphere?”

“Does the office environment cultivate a sense of family among coworkers?”

All of those questions can really be a deciding factor in picking the right office to work for. There are many silver linings in picking temp work as a dentists. It teaches them the ability to be flexible, time management, and many other important facets of the industry. Networking in different offices will help to enhance the dentist’s communication skills which will be necessary to his or her success in the field. Most medical professionals need to have impeccable social and communication skills to be regarded highly in their industry.

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