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Creating a comfortable reading experience from college dorm rooms

When people think of their bedrooms, they typically consider them to be simply the space that they go to sleep at the end of their days, and where they are close with their partners (assuming they live with their partners). Of course, this is correct, but the bedroom can be about more than these two ideals. The modern individual is busier than ever, and because of this busy lifestyle, they are finding it more difficult to balance the different aspects of their lives. Work is not completed exclusively at the office or during office hours. The bedroom is not just for sleeping anymore. Life today is busy, and we all make use of every space in our lives – both literally and metaphorically – in more ways than one. Many people read in bed before going to sleep to switch off, and many people even work from home at times (if not all the time). For these people, getting comfortable is paramount. There is nothing more off-putting than going to read before bed, or working from bed, and finding that you cannot get comfortable.

Creating an atmosphere

This is just one contributing factor to creating a comfortable environment to read or take on other tasks from bed, but it is definitively one of the most important. So, how do you create this type of space, this atmosphere? The perfect bedroom – for all aspects – is, first and foremost, comfortable. Now, it can be some more time than you might think to master the art of creating the most comfortable bedroom possible. Obviously, the mattress is one of the most important factors to a comfortable bedroom, it is far from being the only important contributor. You should always focus on the mattress and the bedding before anything else. While not the only contributing factors of importance, they are the foundations of comfort in the bedroom. Whether that means searching for the perfect reading pillows, or spending weeks figuring out the right type of mattress to choose, take your time to get it right. These are the foundations that all the comfort in this space lie on, and they make a massive difference, believe it or not.

Optimise the lighting

One factor that many people overlook when it comes to figuring out the feel for their bedroom, is the lighting. Not only the style, but also the colour and glow of the lighting in the bedroom can make a massive difference to the room, and make an activity like reading more difficult than it needs to be. The best way to ensure you nail the lighting, is to install smart light bulbs. These are light bulbs that connect to the internet in the home, allowing you to change the brightness and the colour, and even turn them on and off, through the app on your phone. This way you can change the lighting to suit the activity at hand. Best of all? When you are finished, all you need to do is click the power button for the light on the app. Similarly, temperature plays an important role. If the bedroom is too hot, or too cold, it can throw you off your focus, making the activity you are trying to do difficult to adequately accomplish.

The final touches

So, the mattress, bed frame, bedding, and bedside tables have been chosen. The lighting and temperature have been set. Making the bed is the final touch that will create a welcoming atmosphere in this space, and make you want to spend your time here. Whether that time is to be spent reading, working, having quality bonding time, or catching up on your favourite television shows (to name a few examples), the point remains the same. Make the bed. Reading in bed is an excellent past time before going to sleep for the night, but it can be difficult to get into the right mindset and the right state of physical comfort, to make adequate use of the time and the activity at hand. These factors – from the mattress and the bedding, to the lighting and the temperature (and everything in between) – all go hand in hand in effectively creating the perfect atmosphere and feel to the bedroom, to be as comfortably productive as possible.

Considering how overwhelmingly busy the average individual is these days, it is safe to say that we have mastered the art of creating living spaces that can be used to multitask. We take our work home with us. We read and work from bed. We eat in the living room while watching our favourite shows. We turn the dining room into an at-home office. Practically every space that we exist in, serves as more than its initially-designed function. This is the way of the world these days. So, with this in mind, it pays to make each space as comfortable as possible – especially the bedroom. People read, work, watch television, be intimate with their partners, relax, and even have family time from bed, so creating this living space into the perfect encapsulation that can encompass all these activities and tasks, is paramount. And it all edges on comfortability. From the way the bed is made, to the lighting and even the temperature of the bedroom, all these factors (and everything in between) can literally make the difference between comfortable productivity and struggle street. So, work with these factors, and create the ultimate space to cater to everything you need it to.


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