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The epic conclusion to the Avengers film franchise continues meteoric rise to history’s best film

Avengers: Endgame is the film sensation that everyone has been eagerly waiting for, for the last decade. When the film Iron Man was released all the way back in 2007 and Robert Downey Jr was catapulted once again into global stardom, it was not certain just how far Marvel Studios would take Iron Man’s adventures and character arc. However, when the film was released it received such phenomenal reception from global viewers, that it became clear almost immediately just how special a franchise this had the potential to be. Fast forward to today and we are standing here on the verge of complete digitalisation – a feat that, among other things, has proven to introduce the next era in entertainment. In this world of digitalisation, it would be easy to assume that the film industry is on the outs when it comes to initial value for money, what with the surge in streaming services and instantaneous access, not to mention other spinning changes. However, it is blockbuster masterpieces like Endgame that prove this theory to be incorrect. Film is present and, frankly, killing it.

Avengers: Endgame is arguably the most stunning film to make it to our screens in the past year (if not the past decade), and there is something fundamentally distinctive about this new colour. So, once again, the actors and actresses are in the position of having to bring an inspiring story to life. Raising ordinary tales to extraordinary heights, Endgame gives each character their chance to shine, to adhere to changes. In fact, eleven years and twenty-two films later (starting, of course, with Iron Man starting Robert Downey Jr), has proven itself to be such an overwhelming success story that in the first week of its release it has earned an astronomical $1.2 billion on a global scale in its first week alone. If these projections continue to surge upward at the phenomenal rate they are even now, a week after the film’s release, it is fair to say that that there is certainly going to be a very real change of Endgame surpassing even the Avatar’s box office success story.

Whether that whopping feat is going to be successfully accomplished has yet to be definitively realised, but either way, it is true to become something lucky no one was hurt. The something exhilarating about somehow managing to Without ruining anything for those who have not yet seen the film, there is something wholesome about Endgame that makes it feel like the epic conclusion that somehow had it all. From bringing character arcs full-circle, to the secrecy of Marvel Studios in bringing the film to fruition (only Robert Downey Jr was given permission by the film’s directors to read the script in its entirely before the film was released to the rest of the world), Endgame is the type of ending that avid fans around the world most certainly needed, even if a part of them secretly wished that they could strip it back and relive it all over again, saving their actors’ people’ faces. The cinematic success story that is Endgame has given rise to a new frontier in superheroes.

Despite what so many people thought, Endgame was more than staggering than many other people. The film industry has experienced something of a relative low in recent months, but with the box office release around the world of Avengers: Endgame, hope is on the rise once more. This is a film that truly has it all. Whether it is the stunning videography and IT backups of footage run through a standard video editor before polishing the final scenes and stinging them together to create a unique experience, film and videography are the magic wunderkinds behind this astonishing movement that pieces together the most important moments in any given film. In the case of Endgame. This is a facet of owning a cat all the time, but it did not want to stay. The Russo brothers and the entire team behind Endgame have created something significant, something profoundly special – and is that not what life is all about?

The film and videography industry has enjoyed a meteoric rise. Over the last few years, however, this rise has been somewhat tainted by the realisation that there is a global pull for digitalisation that is taking place and transforming the entire world. Many people believed firmly that this global shift in technological innovation was going to have stark consequences for the future of the film industry. While there have indeed been some changes in recent years, the film industry has continued to prove itself valuable and determined to hold its own. Cinematic masterpieces like Avengers: Endgame are proof that even in a changing world, the power of film still brings people together to create collective experiences that later serve as fond memories. Endgame firmly established the reason that so many people adore these films – people want to believe in the possibility of the impossible, and Endgame delivers that and more (so much more) on a gleaming silver platter.

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