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The rise of sleep as a multi-billion-dollar global industry

We all love our sleep. There is nothing in the world quite like coming home after a particularly big day to your comfortable bed. We value our sleep so much that we sometimes spend a whole rough day looking forward to the exact moment we get to slide into our clean sheets and drift away for another night before returning the next day to the land of chaos and constant movement. We are busier than ever before, and as such we value our comfort and energy levels more than ever. Which is why it should come as no surprise that the sleep industry has expanded to become a global phenomenon that grows in value by anywhere between $30 billion to $40 billion annually – a figure that continues to climb as the global population continues to rise. Sleep is something that we all value, no doubt about it, and it is also something that we increasingly find we place more and more value on, the older we get.

More than anything else, sleep is the very thing that allows us to push through and live to fight another day. And so, the industry dedicated to sleep itself continues to find itself growing in demand, projection, and value. And it is only set to continue to soar ever higher. The concept of sleep is something that many of us have a differing understanding, a different opinion, on. While some of us have a structured sleeping pattern that our bodies naturally follow, others work in shifts or live in circumstances that do not allow for a strict sleeping schedule to be successful in the long run (or, in most cases, even in the short run). But no matter our personal relationship with sleep, one thing remains achingly, undeniably certain: when it works for us, when we give our bodies adequate resting time, we excel, we thrive.

When one considers the impact that a good night’s sleep has on our performance and overall health, it is not surprising in the least to understand how this everyday activity, this basic necessity, has positively ballooned to become the global multi-billion-dollar industry that it is today. When countless studies and much research all point to our productivity levels, energy levels, and quality of life being higher when we have a strong sleeping pattern, this is the inevitability. When companies or sales team members in store are getting their next mattress sale within seconds of the last, this is the mark of an incredibly lucrative industry – and it is an ongoing trend that continues to propel the entire industry even higher in terms of sales and industry projection.

As long as there is a need for sleep-related products, programs, and systems, there will be a booming sleep industry. This is why Savvy Sleeper focuses on the sleep industry.  And in this way, the sleep industry is only going to continue to expand and thrive. Because sleep is so fundamentally important to our overall health, we place an extremely high value on concepts and products that allow us to improve our personal sleeping experience. This is an industry that has built its entire foundation, and all the building blocks thereafter, around giving people federated access to the best of everything they could possibly need to improve their sleeping patterns, and the proof is in the pudding. It is because of this core business model, this catering for global demand, that the sleep industry will continue to thrive always.

Sleep has become a global industry that grows both financially and literally, expanding its financial value each year by anywhere between $30 to $40 billion dollars globally. As if this were not impressive enough, this is a figure that only continues to rise. Due in part to the rising population around the world, and in part to the growing emphasis and importance we place on our sleep, this is a remarkable feat that continues to impress and inspire the world over. People love to indulge in elevating their personal sleep experience, and when they have a literal world of opportunities in their pockets to do so, they of course take full advantage of it all. From bedding and cushions, to bed frames and mattresses, to essential oils and calming soundtracks (and everything else in between), this is an industry rich with limitless options.

The sleep industry has built an empire purely on meeting a core necessity. It is an empire that continues to flourish and elevate further with every passing minute. We are all busier than ever before, and having an industry at our beg and call that caters to our most basic needs is a priceless commodity. The sleep industry has made its billions, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – and, more than likely, forever. As other industries will rise and fall with the changing times, it is industries like that of sleep that will continue to rise ever higher, catering to a necessity that we simply cannot function and thrive without. This is the reality, and this is the gift of the sleep industry.

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