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Australian Alumni Grant Scheme Helps Neliti Build Digital Libraries Across Indonesia


Neliti, a digital library creation company based in Indonesia, will receive support from the Australian Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS), administered by the Australia Awards in Indonesia, to build an estimated 200 digital libraries across the archipelago. The project will be led by Neliti Team Member and Australian alumni Valencia Jane.

The funding from AGS will help Neliti provide technology and training to digitalise hundreds of libraries across the archipelago – making tens of thousands of Indonesian publications freely available to both Indonesian and Australian educational institutions.

The ultimate goal of the project is to make more research available online, thus encouraging evidence-based policy in Indonesia by increasing the accessibility of Indonesia’s knowledge base.



Attendees of one digital library training session held by Neliti

About the Alumni Grant Scheme

The AGS aims to strengthen Australia-Indonesia linkages and encourage Australian alumni in Indonesia to leverage their experience and knowledge, put their ideas into action and create meaningful change. The AGS offers seed funding, on a competitive basis, for initiatives that create impact in alumni’s professional field, organisation and community.


australia-global-alumni (1).pngThe Alumni Grant Scheme, managed by Australia Awards Indonesia, has funded hundreds of impactful projects led by Australian Alumni in Indonesia


The objectives of the AGS are:

– To provide Australian alumni in Indonesia with opportunities to enhance and capitalise on their knowledge and skills to improve practice in their professional fields and communities;

– To develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships between alumni and the Australian government, and Australian businesses, organisations and educational institutions;

– To connect alumni to each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas in order to share good practice and create opportunities for collaboration; to develop a network of alumni who view Australia’s capabilities and credentials in a positive light; and,

– To showcase Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high quality education and research.

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