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The digital era is the age of social media marketing

We live in a world of our own design. We have created such an abundance of digitalisation and technological advancement that it would be near impossible (if not impossible) to go back to a time where technological advancements and digital reaches did not infiltrate our every waking reality. The nature of the modern world is that we are built to encourage and ensure our own progression, and we have done that seamlessly. Everything in the present-day world has been through an evolution in its own right. The vast and ever-changing world of marketing is no different. It is no great secret that the world of marketing has gone through its fair share of evolutions over time. From the traditional marketing tactics that kick-started some of the present-day’s most significant empires, to the modern marketing strategies that are bringing a new generation of empires to power before our very eyes, marketing is at the heart of it all. This current era? This is the age of the digital, and this is where marketing takes a decidedly revolutionary shift. Welcome to the land of tech-savvy disruptions and digital advancements. This is where marketing steps it up.

This is the digital era, and with it has come the rise of digital marketing. In short, digital marketing encompasses all the strategizing that traditional marketing does, while simultaneously bringing it to consumers through digital means, therefore making it more relevant to modern consumers. Digital marketing is all about bringing solutions to consumers in a way that allows them to feel the exposure to marketing tactics without the incessant pull towards them that feels disingenuous. There are many branches of digital marketing that are successful, and each of them have their own merit. While digital marketing strategies are the most successful marketing tactics out there these days, it is important to bear in mind that different digital marketing strategies will work differently for different businesses. Doing the leg work to figure out which digital marketing strategies will work the best for a business is an important step to establishing strong marketing methods and models for any business.

One of the most successful concepts in digital marketing has risen to the top on the back of social media, of all things. Aptly called social media marketing, this branch of digital marketing has had a substantial impact on the marketplace in the relatively short time that it has been in effect. Getting the advice of a professional social media advertising agency could well spell the difference between a floundering concept and a flourishing success story, but you can always do the work yourself if you are dedicated and passionate to make your idea come to life. Initially designed as a digital network of social connection platforms, social media quickly became a consistently utilised social communication forum until it became something that the average person checks multiple times a day. We tend to check social media platforms around five to ten times a day – some of us even more. This is the reality.

When consumers started to spend more of their time with their screens in their faces than interacting and responding to the real world around them, businesses noticed. And they responded accordingly. Suddenly, consumers started to see ads pop up in their newsfeeds. At first, they were general ads, but over time they quickly became personalised, targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. And today? Businesses use social media as the modern storefront of their business. Consumers spend a considerable amount of time browsing through their social media, so why not create marketing strategies that are centred on social media platforms? Now, businesses have social media accounts where they can interact with, respond to, and follow and like consumers’ posts. In doing this, they can keep themselves in the forefront of their consumers’ minds while getting real-time research on their consumer base – both existing and prospective.

We have created a world that is intrinsically bound to digitalisation and technological advancement, and the result is that we now live in what has been dubbed the “digital age”. With this digital age has come the subsequent rise of digitalisation in practically every industry, including marketing. Digital marketing is this generation’s print marketing, and it is taking the world – and businesses – by storm. Through digital marketing, businesses can accomplish global exposure, as opposed to the traditionally local exposure that they had otherwise become accustomed to. Digital marketing is the backbone of modern business because it somehow accomplishes what every business needs seamlessly in an ever-changing marketplace. Consumers today (and consumers in the future, for that matter) respond best to digital marketing because that is the marketing prospect that equates most comfortably with the life that they have grown used to over the years. And this is just the beginning.

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