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Should schools introduce research projects that students can carry to colleges?

Hard work. Patience. Virtue. These are the traits of innovators. When it comes to adding innovation as a practice and a way of thinking in school, it is fairly important to note that students in their teenage are highly creative. With that said, if they are shown the right path and conditioned in a way that teaches them problem-solving skills, they can excel their limits and illuminate the world with their intelligence.

Children learn most of what shapes them as adults, in their years at the school. In fact, starting from daycare age, you can pretty much appreciate their imagination; something that adults can barely comprehend. If you look at all the times school going students have shocked the world with their ideas for innovation, you will be surprised. They have a knack for creativity, a healthy practice of solving challenges, and an attitude that speaks volumes of possibilities. Every school organizes and assigns students projects related to the fields students are learning. The deadlines are tight and the judging process is simple, to say the least.

But what if students could carry their projects on with them- believing in the possibilities of their ideas- as they progress to college life?

Schools introducing research projects that students can carry to colleges is an idea that has many positive possibilities, and in this article, we will be listing some of those.

It will help them believe in the power of their ideas

It is said that ideas are timeless. But most students going through the transition from school to college do not understand the value of words written on a piece of paper. Most students have a fallout with their creative ideas as they progress to the hectic college life with assignments and schedules they can barely keep up with. In these times, it is essential for these young adults to have projects of their own that they are working on. This will assure that they keep believing in their ideas. In possibilities. In the power of willing great things into existence- that is the greatest purpose of life, after all!

It will help them learn the value of hard work

Working on a project for several years in order to achieve success is something that can change one’s attitude towards problem-solving and gathering insights. Allowing students to take their projects to college will only make them appreciate the value of the work they would have put in the project when it finishes, looking back at all the life changes they went through as the project stuck with them- only to reward them with a valuable lesson in the end. Hard work is something that cannot be learned just by reading theory- it has to be practised, and a project is the best way to do that.

It will help them learn the system of trial and error, and punishment and reward

Trial and error, and punishment and reward are simple enough phenomenon that can change the life of anyone and teach them several things critical for a good personal and professional life. As the kids work on more and more ideas and they execute them on their projects, they will learn how to achieve success, and how to learn from their mistakes. They will also learn how the punishment of a bad decision is a failure and the reward of a good decision is a success. This is something that will not only make them humble, but logical in their approach as well- a critical thing for handling the tough projects and assignments of college.

The project will evolve as these young adults do

Just like a pet, the project will evolve with the young adults- as they learn new things and implement more and more creative and simpler ways to solve the challenges in their project. This will not only help them learn how to tackle one problem in several ways, but it will also teach them to value good insights, the value of upgrades, and creativity.

The transition from school to college needs to be as productive and possible for young adults as possible, and a project is a great idea to do just that. Schools introducing research projects students can carry to colleges will help them grow, learning the values of hard work, patience, time-management, insights, and innovation.

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