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Home technology set to explode in 2019

We are no strangers to technological advancement. Humanity evolves continuously, always in due part thanks to the latest innovations in technology. The modern home is the latest environment to get its dose of technological disruption, and the innovations are astounding and efficient. Home technology is one of those innovative modes of technology that has continuously evolved and flourished since the dawn of its inception. There are other technologies that eventually reach their peak and no longer have anywhere to elevate to. Home technology, however, is constantly evolving and shifting, with new innovations happening and being brought into the home all the time. Over the last ten years or so, developers have been racing against one another to establish themselves as the best companies to work with to embed traditional and modern features into a home design – including home technology.

The innovative movement of home technology has been present almost as long as technology in the workplace – if not longer – but the burn has been a lot slower. In the past, the home has been centred around feature pieces, such as open-plan kitchens, bathroom vanities, infinity pools, and entertainment areas. All these features are still important, and they always will be. After all, these are the features that make a home. The modern home, however, has evolved into one that also focuses on the technological advancements that are embedded into those same features to make them even more useful. Kitchens are now hot spots for virtual assistants and self-setting appliances. Bathroom vanities are being aligned with smart mirrors that tell the date, time, and weather on the mirrored glass. Pools are being rolled out that clean themselves. Home entertainment areas centre around the smart television, and are now being elevated by smart speaker systems and lighting control.

The modern home is ripe and ready for home technology. So far, home technologies consist of core principles based around security and privacy and efficiency and convenience. The home technologies that we are seeing come to fruition currently embody all these traits perfectly. The home technologies that are set to roll out as part of the next evolution in the sector will be stronger, more capable versions of these same technologies. And in the future, in it is likely that we will see the rise of home technologies that we are familiar with, yet we have never encountered before. Movies, television series, and books have been depicting robots for years. We are quite a way off from this becoming a reality, but it will happen eventually. Robotics in the home will be used to help with mundane chores, such as laundry, cleaning, and even cooking.

The entire compass of home technology rallies around the idea of making life at home easier, more convenient. This is exactly what robotics will do. Our homes are full of the latest and greatest digital devices and technological innovations, and each of these innovations has brought with it an exciting new development. An increased focus on security and privacy has led to the introduction of home technologies that make the home safer and more secure. Such innovations include smart home video cameras, fingerprint passcodes for main entries and exits, and automated blinds that open and close at set times via a controlling system (usually an app on a phone or tablet). All in all, security and privacy becoming key focuses in home technology, and the modern homeowner is entirely on board.

In an era where we are sharing more of our lives than ever before, it might come as a surprise that people want to protect their privacy more than ever, too. When it comes down to it, consumers want the right to choose what they expose to the world, without fear of when that exposure could be turned against them. The same ideal holds true for homeowners protecting their homes. People do not want strangers to have access to their private living spaces. Now more than ever, we place extreme value on the types of technology that allow us full and sole control over every aspect in our lives. This value is unlikely to deplete over time, but instead to continue to rise ever-higher.

Home technology is one of the most brilliant, exciting facets of technology that there is. We have been experiencing technological disruption in the work place for years now, but the digital movement in the household industry has been a little slower – still present, but slower. The modern home is full of exciting home technologies, and each of them have brought an exciting shift in life at home. From increasing control and efficiency, to streamlining AI implementation into smart home devices, the era of home technology is only just getting started. There is a whole lot more where this comes from, and we have not even gotten to the best of it yet.

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