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Internet security is vital to our future


Humanity has seen the introduction of many great technological wonders during our time on Earth. We are single handedly responsible for some of the world’s greatest – and worst – technological evolutions. Revolutionary advances all have their benefits and come with their own comprehensive lasting advantages. Electricity gave us light, entertainment, and connectivity. Mechanics has given us all modes of transportation, allowing us to travel great distances in shorter periods of time than if we were to simply walk from A to B. one of the world’s most invaluable technological evolutions is the internet. The embodiment of ease of access and global connectivity, the internet has brought with it revolutionary power that has transformed practically every industry imaginable. As the power and reach of the internet expanded, however, so did the cyberattacks – designed to steal valuable information and put users at risk as they log on and connect, these attacks are unique and vicious, unrelenting in their quest for valuable information. Universal connectivity has been at the forefront of technological advancement for years now, and now the time has come to put internet security into action.

In an era where more and more of our everyday lives are becoming digital, we need the reassurance about the security of entrusting so much of our lives to digitisation. We are so reliant on technology and digitisation these days that we are slowly entering more and more of our lives into the virtual universe. Not only are we more aware of the ease that internet connectivity provides us, but we are able to take that accessibility and use it to our advantage, stockpiling more and more of our information into it. These days, there are additional protective measures available to users, such as aVPN for security as we browse and digest information online, key questions that come up after we enter passwords, and notification systems that send a message to our mobile phones or laptops when one of our accounts is accessed from a new device.

In its initial stages, cybersecurity was referred to as a craze, a passing phase. There were many people that thought that cybersecurity was merely a stepping stone that would soon be passed in the quest for complete digitisation. It was thought that online activity would develop its own security measures, and while this is happening, it is much faster and – at this point – more efficient to have human protective measures in place that combat security threats online. There are bots and AI that are in development that are set to take internet security one step further, bridging the gap between human error and things slipping through the gaps. The technological advancement that drives cyber security is rapidly evolving.

As with any technological evolution, there have been triumphs and there have been downfalls in cyber security, but the one constant is that the necessity for such an industry has only grown over time. As the world barrels towards a digital takeover, technologies like the internet expand exponentially over time. As these technologies grow and evolve, so does the potential for threats to penetrate it. It is a tight rope that is difficult to find the perfect balance on, but finally there are more effective procedures in place that are securing our information and online presences with more efficiency, more security, and more reliability. It is not that the past and present processes have been inefficient, but that they have been met at every evolution in their making with new threats and cyberattacks.

It is a delicate balancing act, and one that has yet to be tipped definitively in favour of either direction. If upcoming and future predictions of internet security measures and programs are anything to go by, however, it is not only likely but highly probable that the internet security systems and procedures put in place will ultimately triumph over the cyberattacks, allowing for a more steady, reliable sense of security online. As we continue to move towards complete digitisation, this reliability and security is more necessary than ever before, and it is a welcome sight – particularly for those that remain unconvinced that digitisation is the direction that we should be heading towards.

Internet security is one of the most important things going forward into this technological evolution. As time moves us more steadily into the upcoming digitised era, we must be prepared to fight against the threats that come along with global connectivity. To be consistent with global connectivity, we must put in place protective measures to ensure our information and online presence is protected to the utmost standards. We are in the midst of an internet connectivity revolution, and it is coming with its own new advances and consequent threats. It is these threats that are the problem, and internet security measures are the solution.

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