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The importance of digital marketing and why emerging professionals should take note

Although there are hundreds of industries and lines of work that emerging professionals can enter into, there’s one area that every business expert should become familiar with: Digital marketing.

The digital marketing industry is on a major upswing, and for good reason — every modern business utilizes it. Gone are the days of radio spots and classified ads. In their place are social media posts, video marketing content and search engine optimization. Therefore, it is in any business pro’s best interests to understand modern tactics.

By taking the time to learn the latest platforms, programs, strategies and business growth potential, experts can better achieve business objectives. Even if they aren’t the individuals actually executing marketing campaigns, a strong digital marketing foundation will empower decision-makers to find the professional marketers who have the necessary experience and skill sets and manage them efficiently.

Having a strong understanding of digital marketing – whether you’re a business leader or just entering the workforce – gives you a better understanding of overall company growth, too.

In fact, knowing what a top marketing agency or department works on will help you better understand the company trajectory – even if you work in a different department. For example, the best web designers and developers understand digital goals, conversion rate objectives and SEO best practices – all of which help them design a better website.

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital marketing agencies? Explore the best digital marketing agencies around the world and discover how they help businesses of all sizes and industries.

One of the biggest reasons business professionals should have a strong understanding of digital marketing is because it actually encompasses many areas of business growth. It’s not a one-size fits-all industry. In reality, digital marketing encompasses several platforms, channels, devices, mediums and utilizes an equal measure of creativity, technology and analytics.

Some (but not all) of the most popular digital marketing segments are:

Search engine optimization (SEO), which, is the process of improving a website to help it rank higher on search listings, usually through Google search.

These improvements can be technical website optimization, like better a well-designed website that loads quickly and alt image tags. Enhancements can also be a little more creative, like writing strategic copy and content marketing articles that centered around specific keywords that your target audience is searching for.

Email marketing entails of top marketers collecting consumer contact information and serving them strategic email newsletters. The best email marketers understand that newsletters should be sent on a consistent schedule and aimed at a specific goal.

Email campaigns can also encourage recipients to read content marketing items, purchase a product they already looked at on your site or notify them about a promotion. What’s better? Email marketing has a return on investment of $44 for every dollar spent.

Perhaps one of the most technical of digital marketing arenas, paid media and pay-per-click advertising enable businesses to strategically serve ads to potential consumers. Brands can collect data about who is visiting their site, when they engage with the brand, utilize Google, social media, email marketing and more to increase brand awareness or encourage returning visitors.

As we mentioned, every business big and small incorporates digital marketing strategies. It’s necessary for any modern business to find success.

Because small businesses, large corporations and everyone else in between is utilizing digital marketing, the demand for marketing experts is high. Businesses need employees who understand what emerging marketing trends exist, why they are effective, and how to execute them.

If you can be that marketing expert, you’ll position yourself as a highly valuable employee who can grow a business effectively.

If learning more about digital marketing has inspired you to pursue a career in marketing, there are a few things you can do to hone your skills and score a great marketing job at a professional agency or in-house department.

Unfortunately, networking is a necessary evil. Take the time to attend mixers, conferences, events and seminars, both in your industry and outside of it. This will help you meet likeminded business pros, learn new strategies and more.

Whether it’s in a classroom setting, through your current position or on your own time, learn the latest programs and platforms. Brands want marketing experts who are comfortable in digital marketing platforms and can use them successfully to optimize campaigns to the fullest.

Perhaps most importantly, spend time every day learning about the latest digital marketing trends, strategies and news. We live in a rapidly-changing digital world, and because of that, marketing tactics and best practices shift quickly and often without notice. The good news? There are plenty of resources that provide the latest digital marketing insights, guides and tutorials on the internet.

Ultimately, every business professional should at least have a basic understanding of how digital marketing grows businesses. This will empower leaders to curate strong marketing teams, hire the best digital marketing agencies, and ensure that all employees have a well-rounded understanding of brand growth.

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